T.I. And Comedian Lauren Knight Got Into A Heated Argument With Each Other

T.I. and comedian Lauren Knight reportedly got into a verbal brawl at an open mic event in Atlanta. A viral video from Baller Alert shows the rapper fighting with Knight while holding a microphone in front of the stage. Knight made a joke on the 2020 s**ual claims between T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris. Lauren verified this in a video she posted on Instagram.

T.I. confronted Lauren

T.I. addressed Lauren, saying there was nothing to charge him with. He said there was no case and that neither he nor his wife had done anything illegal. He even threatened Lauren that he would continue to confront her vocally and publically. Knight then insulted T.I. onstage and attempted to defuse the situation by claiming that he was not the subject of any claims. However, the singer was not amused and shouted back at Knight.

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr


Lauren instructed those in charge of sound to turn off T.I.’s microphone. T.I. subsequently came up on stage to support Knight, saying that if she wants to make jokes about anything, she will make jokes about it. T.I. embraced Lauren Knight, which seemed to be a de-escalation strategy at first. However, he pulled the microphone from Knight’s grasp in order to prevent her from speaking to the audience. After exchanging a few words without the microphone, Knight took over the event, declaring that it was her event and that she could say anything she wanted.

All About Lauren Knight

Lauren Knight is a lively storyteller who can effortlessly transport the audience on a journey. She is a versatile comic who can perform anyplace from a Christian comedy event to a biker’s birthday bash in a dive bar. She is a performer with a theatrical presence that cannot be ignored, as seen on Comic Hype or in appearances for comedy giants Mark Curry and Blaq Ron. In addition to comic presentations, she is available for motivational speaking and utilizes her gab abilities to encourage and inspire.

Lauren Knight


More information regarding Knight’s birth date, family, parents, job, and educational history is yet unknown. She recently received attention for an onstage brawl with rapper T.I. She made a joke regarding the artist’s s**ual claims, which emerged in 2020. Lauren Knight recently replied to the incident by sharing a video on Instagram in which she claims T.I. harassed her throughout the evening. After T.I. allegedly made fun of Lauren’s wig, she allegedly retaliated by claiming she would take her wig off to talk about the claims.

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