Sydney Sweeney Was Sued By The LA Collective Brand For Breaching The Contract

The lifestyle and swimwear company LA Collection has taken aim at actress Sydney Sweeney, who portrays Cassie in Euphoria. The swimsuit company has launched a lawsuit against the HBO actress for breach of contract. According to LA Collective, the model and actress agreed to model and promote the company’s products. She did, however, breach the promise to give any services. On May 18, 2022, TMZ published the event and verified that they had read the court filings.

More on the lawsuit filed by the LA Collective against Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney.

TMZ said that the lifestyle and swimwear firm LA Collective filed a lawsuit against Sweeney, saying that they struck a deal with the 24-year-old HBO actress last year, 2021, to be the brand ambassador and campaign star for their rising forthcoming Somewhere Swimwear collection.

Sydney Sweeney

According to the brand, the American actress was engaged in the whole production, as she reviewed ideas and prototypes for the Somewhere Swimwear range. However, the contract was subsequently canceled by the Washington-born actress. The firm further stated that the actress has not offered any reason for her choice to terminate the contract and is thus accountable for a breach of contract.

Following up on the original claims, PageSix stated that the label wrote,

“Sweeney authorized the swim brand’s designs and prototypes, only to “[cancel] the arrangement without explanation or reason,” according to PageSix.


The lifestyle and swimwear firm also claimed that Euphoria actor Sydney Sweeney’s character, Cassie Howard, used the label’s swimsuit collection on the HBO series for at least five episodes. Page Six contains the contract’s precise text. According to the complaint, (the actress) “appropriated the designs… for her personal use” and then wore them “on at least five episodes.”

The brand demanded that the actress pay for the damage, so she dropped out of a deal. Through the agreed arrangement, the firm expected to make $3 million in swimsuit sales for their future collection. However, since she pulled out, she is required to pay a $3 million loss to LA Collective. In light of recent events in February 2022, Sydney Sweeney is recognized for her star power in selling bikinis. Sydney Sweeney was seen wearing a bright pink bikini from Frankies Bikini in the HBO series Euphoria, episode 4 of season 2.

Sydney Sweeney

The actress’ portrayal of the role was flawless, and her star power and fan base piqued consumers’ interest, prompting them to go online and purchase a comparable bikini piece. The $180 pink “Gemma” suit quickly became a big selling point for Frankies Bikini, with a 500-person waitlist forming within 24 hours of the episode’s airing.

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