Sydney Chandler And Louis Partridge Have Been Chastised For Their Age Difference

Sydney Chandler and her boyfriend, Louis Partridge, began dating earlier this year. Chandler and Partridge first met on the set of the miniseries Sex Pistols when Chandler was 25 and Partridge was just 17 years old. Soon after, the pair were regularly seen together in public locations. However, the two did not seem to begin dating until Partridge was 18. Chandler shared the first photo of them together in September 2018. Then, in May 2022, she posted another Instagram picture of a camping trip she had with Partridge, to which he remarked, “Best time ever.”

Fans criticize the age disparity between Sydney Chandler and Louis Partridge.

A video of Chandler kissing her partner at the premiere of Sex Pistols in London in May 2022 went viral. A TikTok user shared the video, criticizing the lovebirds’ age difference.

“I’m going to die on this hill. 18-26? Nope. Louis will be 19 in a few days? 19-26 are yet out. She met and knew him when he was still a child, and a connection between an adult and a teen is never natural!”

For a variety of reasons, the public has consistently chastised their seven-year age difference. According to a Reddit debate from May 2022, Chandler reportedly waited for Partridge to attain the legal age of 18 so that they could begin dating while pursuing him far earlier. According to the statement, the actress persuaded him to abandon his ex-girlfriend.

Sydney Chandler

The Enola Holmes actress reportedly took Partridge on vacation to various hidden and remote locations and was nasty to his followers. “Nearing 30 had never seemed so dreadful. It’s a pity the breakthrough star’s friends and family aren’t interested in shutting it down. The age of consent does not make it acceptable “The post went on. Chandler was dubbed a “nepo child” since she is the daughter of Hollywood actors Kyle Chandler and Kathryn Chandler.

The relationship between Sydney Chandler and her boyfriend has sparked controversy.

Fans raced to share their thoughts on the topic in the post’s comments section. According to one commenter, Chandler referred to him as “baby boy” and “kiddo” while he was still 17 years old. The user also stated that the actress did nothing except antagonize and block the concerned fans, as well as post cryptic messages. “Then, all of a sudden, he’s 18 and they’re dating. She’s a creepy person, and I hope this is the beginning of her finally being exposed in public, rather than just on fan sites. If this grooming does not stop, it will be a repeat of the Aaron Taylor Johnson problem!!!” an anonymous user commented

“That’s extremely unsettling, dunno how individuals in their mid to late twenties feel so comfortable dating actual teenagers,” said another.

Another person said that Chandler was “100% disgusting” when it came to grooming. They also said it seemed to be fan fiction written by one of his jealous fans, the same folks who don’t care about predatory conduct and would just condemn anybody he was with. The user went on to say that the idea that Chandler forced her boyfriend to split up with his ex-girlfriend was ridiculous.

Sydney Chandler

“I’ve seen that many women are doing this today, pursuing considerably younger guys who are NOT in their age range. It’s standard grooming. But, why does this blind seem to have been sent in by an envious fan or something?” another person commented

Other fans agreed that if the gender roles were reversed and the man was older, the age disparity would not have been a problem. “It’s not ideal that barely legal children are dating someone in their mid-20s, but I find it difficult to express indignation when I seldom see the matching fury in the other direction. Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish are they in comparable relationships? “a fan said

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