Susan Boyle’s enchanting cover of ‘Oh Holy Night’ is melting the internet’s heart (VIDEO)

In 2009, the reality show “Britain’s Got Talent” forever changed the contestant Susan Boyle’s life.

Susan navigated school the best way she could despite being teased and bullied. Later on, she revealed that she was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

Even in her earlier years, there were already countless challenges she had to face.

Her love for music and singing helped her power through the tough times.

This was something no one could take away from her.

She began to join musical productions in school, with her teachers always encouraging and supporting her.

Susan kept pursuing her love for music. When she graduated high school, she joined the church choir, sang at local karaoke bars, and even at festivals in her hometown.

She continued investing in music, using her money to record demos and send them to record companies and television networks.

She didn’t have much luck, but that didn’t stop her from persisting until she lost two of the most important people in her life.

Her sister’s and mother’s deaths caused her to pause singing. After two years, she decided to try again. This was when she finally joined “Britain’s Got Talent,” where she left the judges blown away.

There is something indescribably wonderful about Susan and her singing voice that turns already-beautiful songs into seemingly new masterpieces.
…just like her rendition of the classic Christmas song, “O Holy Night,” which she performed on Larry King Live.

As the sound of the harp filled the studio, Susan slowly lifted her head as she prepared to sing.

Her strong, calm, and clear voice kept everyone in the room hushed with awe and wonder.

Even those who refuse to make a fuss about Christmas will find themselves slowly being filled with the spirit of the season with Susan’s version of the song.

Accompanied by a young choir, she sang “Oh Holy Night” with such ease, hitting the high notes effortlessly.

Moreover, she maintained the peaceful quality of the song despite transitioning from low to high notes – something not many artists can do.

You’ll also notice her calm demeanor if you go beyond her incredible singing voice.

As the children start singing, you’ll even catch her breaking into a proud smile.

It takes a different kind of strength to push past all the traumatic experiences she had when she was younger and a next-level determination to pursue her passion relentlessly despite all the setbacks she had along the way.

The inspiring way Susan continues to share her talent with the world serves as a light for those struggling to find their way.

How fortunate we are to have witnessed her journey from “Britain’s Got Talent” to securing top spot after top spot on the charts!

This Christmas, share the gift of music by sending them this enchanting rendition of “O Holy Night” by Susan Boyle.

Watch the video below and prepare to be filled with the spirit of Christmas..

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