Surrounded by other swimmers, a mother bear takes her three cubs for a swim at Tahoe Lake

With temperatures reaching 86°F over the weekend, a big number of people flocked to Lake Tahoe to cool down. On Sunday, though, some of them were taken aback when a mother black bear and her three cubs decided to join them. I realize that seems crazy, and some of the swimmers couldn’t believe their eyes. Given their thick furry coat, though, it’s easy to see why they chose this choice.

The bear family, like everyone else, decided to take the day off and relax at the beach, as they were seen swimming several times during the day. A beachgoer, Jen Watkins, was the first to see the bears at Pope Beach.

She even documented the occurrence with a photograph. The four-legged visitor was sighted wandering down the beach, unfazed by the large throng. They did, however, have a small run-in with a bear.

“We were all a bit startled,” Jen told KCRA News. “I’m guessing (the bear) came out earlier… It had grown a bit aggressive, with a black bear defending the cubs.”

Black bear sightings on Lake Tahoe’s beaches are common even during the summer months, when the lake is quite popular. Given California’s large bear population — 25,000 to 35,000 animals — it might be a frequent occurrence.

Despite the fact that no one was injured this time, and the bear family walked away once they tired of swimming, wildlife officials warn people to be cautious when around wild animals since they may be dangerous.

Lieutenant Nelson Resendes of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office stated, “Don’t feed them, don’t attract them, don’t excite them, especially in a circumstance like this.” “Avoid approaching them and, most importantly, respect their personal space.”

Another mother bear, this time with only two cubs, was spotted cooling off in Lake Tahoe last year. The video quickly went viral. You can see it in the video below!

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