Sunny Hostin Was Criticized After She Made A Racist Remark About A White Woman Republican Voter.

Sunny Hostin, an American television presenter, was chastised online for equating white women voting for Republicans to “roaches voting for Raid.” The 54-year-old The View presenter made the controversial remarks while discussing next week’s midterm elections with her co-hosts on Thursday, November 3. Sunny Hostin expressed amusement as the talk progressed that some women were intending to vote for candidates who favored repealing the Roe v. Wade ruling.

“What surprises me is the abortion debate. I just saw in a survey that White Republican suburban women are suddenly voting Republican. Isn’t it almost like roaches voted for Raid [roach spray]?”

Her co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, instantly interrupted, calling her words “insulting to the voter.” However, Hostin continued to attack GOP-supporting women, claiming that they were acting against their own “self-interest.”

Sunny Hostin’s comments enraged Twitter.

Following the virality of Sunny Hostin’s statements about white women voting for Republicans, Twitterati chastised her for disseminating racist ideas on The View. Several users urged that the ABC talk show’s lawyer and presenter be fired. Others pointed out that if another presenter had said this about black women, they would have been fired right away.


Sunny Hostin has already been labeled as a racist

Sunny Hostin has been called out before for making racist statements while co-hosting The View. She accused former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley of disguising her Indian background behind her name in order to obtain Republican votes in September 2022. Hostin, whose actual name is Asunción Cummings, made some contentious statements during an episode in which the presenters were debating prospective presidential contenders to run against incumbent US President Joe Biden in the 2024 elections.

Sunny Hostin

Alyssa Farah Griffin mentioned Nikki Haley as a prospective contender, but Hostin called her a “chameleon” who uses a false identity to get votes.

“This would be different if she were inclined toward becoming a person of color. Some of us may be chameleons, refusing to accept our ethnicity so that we can pass, so that we don’t have to go by—”

Soon after, Nikki Haley, real name Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley, came to Twitter to label Hostin a “racist,” pointing out that she, too, does not use her full name. In terms of Hostin’s position on the recent Roe v. Wade decision, she indicated in June that she does not believe in abortion at any time or has any exceptions to it.

Sunny Hostin

“Many people see it as incredibly radical, and it’s because I’m Catholic… So this has always been a tough topic for me, but what is not difficult for me is the reality that this is an activist Supreme Court, and they should not be making legal decisions based on their beliefs.”

Sunny Hostin has not replied to the outcry for her social media statements as of the time of writing.

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