Suga, Halsey’s “Twin,” Receives A Birthday Greeting From Halsey

The birthday of BTS musician Suga got off to a legendary start with a wish from none other than Halsey. The friendship between the mega-popular K-pop quartet and the American singer is legendary. They met for the first time at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. BTS initially worked with Halsey on the tune Boy with Luv.

With the song’s global success, the connection between BTS members and the vocalist has only increased. While the Him and I singer is acquainted with all of the members of the K-pop group, she has the closest relationship with birthday boy Suga, aka Min Yoon-gi.

Halsey wishes Suga
Halsey wishes Suga

Suga from BTS and Halsey collaborated on a song from the latter’s album, ‘Manic.’

Because it is Yoon-birthday, gi’s March 9 is a special day for ARMY members worldwide. Halsey appears to have been as ecstatic this year.

As soon as the clock struck 12 in South Korea, the singer posted a collage of photographs on their Instagram account with the caption:

“Happy birthday, twin.”

On closer investigation, the collage appears to include a lovely shot of the idol holding the American singer’s youngster and photographs of the duo together.

Many fans also felt that the use of the term “twin” was a reference to an interview in which the Colours singer stated that Suga complemented her mentality and personality:

“They (referring to other artists) truly represent different aspects of my psychology and personality. Yoon-gi is very introspective and has an insightful view on where we are and what we are doing.”

ARMY supporters worldwide were in a frenzy after she posted the photo. Many BTS fans were moved by Halsey’s decision to wait until it was appropriate in South Korea to express her request.

Many believe this is not the first time BTS has connected with the singer’s youngsters. The singer had tagged his previous Instagram image showcasing the K-pop superstar “Uncle Gang,” Which led numerous BTS fans to believe they had met Ender Ridley Aydin.

Yoon-gi and Halsey’s friendship, in particular, has a lengthy history. Fans of both performers have frequently observed gift items sent to each other. Such as a limited-edition bottle of Lotte’s Xylitol gum bottle featuring Suga’s face.

The duo’s collaboration tune, SUGA’s Interlude, appears on the American singer’s 2020 music album, Manic.

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