Stuart Margolin Passed Away At The Age Of 82

Stuart Margolin, a well-known actor, and director died on December 12, 2022, at the age of 82. He was most recognized for his role as Evelyn Martin in The Rockford Files, an NBC detective drama series. Max Martini, Margolin’s stepson, announced the news on social media with a photo of Margolin. Stuart died while surrounded by his family, according to Max. He continued:

“A fantastic actor/writer/producer/director. But, more significantly, he was a wonderfully skilled stepfather who was always there for his family with love and support. Pappy, rest in peace. Keep them cool.”

Stuart Margolin died as a result of natural causes. He was in Staunton, Virginia, at the time of his death.

Who was Stuart Margolin? Career, most memorable role

Stuart Margolin rose to prominence in the entertainment business as a result of his repeated performances in films, television shows, and on stage. His most well-known part, however, was that of Evelyn Martin on The Rockford Files. Evelyn was a close friend of Jim Rockford and was also known as “Angel” in the series. He served three to four years in San Quentin Prison before being pardoned for good conduct.

Stuart Margolin


The character was noted for being the consummate scam artist whose schemes caused Jim Rockford more issues. Despite this, Jim maintained his relationship with Evelyn. Evelyn was a Texas native who served in the Army during the Korean War. Evelyn wore a crimson wide-collared blouse and black slacks most of the time. Despite his best efforts to live a luxurious life, he was continually in difficulty, leading Jim to rush to his aid. From September 13, 1974, until January 10, 1980, The Rockford Files ran for six seasons and 123 episodes. Aside from Margolin, it also starred James Garner, Noah Beery Jr., Joe Santos, and Gretchen Corbett.

Stuart Margolin has also directed a number of television series.

Stuart Margolin rose to prominence after appearing in The Rockford Files. He subsequently appeared in series such as Heroes, The Partridge Family, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Monkees, Love, American Style, and others. e was also well-known for his roles in films such as Limbo, Death Wish, Futureworld, Days of Heaven, Class, and others. Women of the Prehistoric Planet, The Gamblers, The California Kid, A Killer in the Family, The Lay of the Land, The Hoax, and more films have featured him.

Stuart Margolin

Margolin, in addition to being a well-known actor, was also an outstanding filmmaker, having directed a number of TV episodes including Sara, Bret Maverick, Wonder Woman, Northern Exposure, and others. He also had a short career in music, penning songs for Jerry Riopelle, The Parade, R.B. Greaves, and others.

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