Steven Crowder Was Banned From YouTube After Interviewing Kari Lake

Steven Crowder, a YouTuber and podcast broadcaster, was banned from the platform for two weeks after his interview with Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake gained popularity. The Louder with Crowder presenter has subsequently addressed the restriction on other social media sites. Following Steven Crowder’s suspension, supporters anticipated his answer. After a few hours, the social media sensation moved to Twitter and Instagram to discuss the sudden platform withdrawal. Crowder went to Twitter on August 18 to announce that YouTube has stopped the podcast after their conversation with Kari Lake. In response, the podcast host said that he will interview her again “because f**k YouTube.” He also included a video with the tweet, saying:

“We’ve been halted, not for anything I said, but for what Arizona’s future governor, Kari Lake, said about election integrity.” Her recent electoral primary victory? YouTube has determined that she is extreme, and you are an extremist, therefore let us all be extremists only on Rumble and MugClub. You don’t have to win every argument; all you have to do is make them wish they had chosen someone else. Let’s make them wish they’d chosen someone else today.”

It’s worth noting that Kari Lake’s interview has now been pulled from his channel. Although his channel is still active on the site, Steven Crowder has been barred from posting material for the next two weeks.

Steven Crowder

Kari Lake discusses drug cartels on Steven Crowder’s show.

During an interview with Louder with Crowder, Lake said that she will look into allegations of electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The GOP also said unequivocally,

“We will complete President Trump’s wall.”

This was in reference to her desire to alleviate the country’s chronic illegal migration issue and the emergence of drug gangs. During the interview, she stated:

“We’re blowing out the drug tunnels.” We’re not going to throw a little piece of concrete in there and expect them to jackhammer it out and make them function again. And we’re pursuing these cartels.”

Kari Lake proceeded to express her thoughts on the issues of homelessness and drug addiction.

Steven Crowder attacked the video-sharing site for “suppression of political discourse” in a tweet. He also sent an image of a YouTube statement explaining why the podcast was removed. It said:

“Our staff has analyzed your post, and we regret to notify you that we believe it breaches our disinformation policy.” The following videos have been deleted from YouTube: Episode of the podcast: We have updates on the Trump raid, as well as a special guest, Kari Lake. Crowder makes me louder.”

Steven Crowder

Kari Lake’s statements on her plan to investigate voting fraud in the 2020 presidential election prompted the Google-owned platform to make the statement. Despite the fact that the full interview has been taken from the channel, a three-minute part from the podcast episode is still available. Lake also promises to send National Guards to stem the flood of migrants. Following the YouTube ban, Crowder said that he would be appearing live on Rumble and Mug Club at 10 a.m. EST/7 a.m. PST to discuss the situation in detail.

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