Stephen Greif Passed Away At The Age Of 78

Stephen Greif, a well-known actor, died on December 23 at the age of 78. He became well-known for his roles as Brian Lassiter in the renowned BBC soap opera EastEnders and Sir Bernard Weatherill, Speaker of the House of Commons in the Netflix historical drama series The Crown. Michelle Braidman Associates shared the heartbreaking news on social media, uploading a photo of him and stating that his career spanned several parts on both the cinema and the stage. They stated:

“We shall miss him terribly, and our hearts go out to his family and friends x”

In addition, he is widely recognized for his roles in Blake’s 7, Citizen Smith, Casanova, and Shoot on Sight. Greif has won awards at the Navtgr Awards, BBC Audio Books Awards, Oliver Awards, and Critics Circle Awards. Greif’s cause of death was not revealed until today, and the circumstances of his burial are unclear.

Stephen Greif was well-known for his roles in a variety of films and television series.

Stephen Greif was born on August 26, 1944, in a variety of occupations before embarking on a successful career in the entertainment sector. He worked as a troubleshooter for a TV and radiogram maker and as a negotiator for a boutique West End estate agency. His work at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, the National Theater Company, and Peter’s Hall Company made him well-known. He has appeared in a number of plays, including A Woman Killed with Kindness, Long Days Journey into Night, The School for Scandal, Macbeth, and others. He has appeared in famous plays such as Death of a Salesman, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, among others.

Stephen Greif

Following a successful theater career, he started acting in films and television programs such as Woman in Gold, Shoot on Sight, Boogie Woogie, Fakers, Mistresses, Howard’s Way, The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, New Tricks, and others. Stephen Greif was well-known for his contributions to video games such as The Witcher and Puppeteer. He also narrated 15 films on the Royal Family, including Andrew Lord Louis Mountbatten and Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. The Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire native attended Sloane Grammar School before enrolling at Regent Street Polytechnic. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and was the winner of many honors.

Stephen Greif

His last acting job was as Sir Bernard Weatherill, the Speaker of the House of Commons, in the fourth season of the Netflix historical drama series The Crown. The program was created by Peter Morgan and broadcast for five seasons with 50 episodes beginning on November 4, 2016. The most current season was published on November 9, 2022. He was also well-known for his role as Ron Dent in the ITV soap series Coronation Street. Greif made his television debut in 1996 as Brian Lassiter in the BBC serial series EastEnders. Stephen’s twin boys, Joseph and Daniel, outlive him. He was a resident of Richmond, London.

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