Stanley Tucci Stated That He Has Been Battling With Oral Cancer

Stanley Tucci, an American actor, recently spoke out about his struggle with oral cancer. On an April 30 episode of the Sunday Sitdown, the 62-year-old actor spoke with Willie Geist about his late wife, Kate Spath-Tucci, who died from breast cancer in 2009 at the age of 47. He also described his feelings after being diagnosed in 2017:

“My late wife and I traveled all over the world in search of a cure for her.” So I was really taken aback when I received it. “I was terrified, terrified, terrified.”

The Devil Wears Prada star previously revealed that a tumor at the base of his tongue “was too large to operate on,” leaving him with only “high-dose radiation and chemotherapy” as treatment choices. He described his treatment as “brutal” and “awful.” He went on to say:

“I dropped 35 pounds. I couldn’t eat anything. For six months, I was fed via a feeding tube, and everything tasted and smelled like you-know-what. And it took months and months and months for me to be able to eat and taste normally again.”

Stanley Tucci used to smoke but no longer does.

Stanley Tucci confessed to Cigar Aficionado in 2013 that he enjoyed quality tobacco but had quit smoking at the time:

“I haven’t smoked one in quite a while.”

He recalled his cigar-related experiences, saying:

“It was a gift from someone, and it was delicious.” I had a period when I smoked a lot of cigarettes and then I quit. I adore it—and I long for it.”

Stanley Tucci

Tucci mentioned during the conversation that his grandpa used to smoke De Nobilis cigars.

“They were smoked by all of the Italian immigrants.” They appeared in groups of four or five, and no one knows what they were constructed of. They tasted like compacted excrement; I tried them a few times and had no idea how he smoked them.”

Through his friends, Oliver Platt and Aidan Quinn, Stanley Tucci developed a taste for tobacco. Quinn is said to have taught him how to smoke cigars. The Lovely Bones actor described his favorite cigars as depending on numerous things such as the time of day, what he had eaten, temperature, or whether it was taken as an after-dinner drink.

“I don’t mind a good cigar.” It’s similar to Scotch in that you don’t want it to be overly peaty. You just want a trace of peat, not the whole bog.”

Stanley Tucci

He went on to say that he used to smoke cigars after supper while writing, or when fishing in reservoirs surrounding his house:

“Because of my grandfather, cigars represent a true working-class person, but also someone of affluence.” I’m not sure whether there’s anything in between. I guess you’d refer to it as a cigarette.”

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