Spire Entertainment’s CEO Resigned After The OMEGA X Assault Scandal

Spire Entertainment’s CEO, who was engaged in the OMEGA X assault scandal, has officially resigned. The agency issued an apology to the fans, members, and their parents in a statement. Spire Entertainment published a statement on November 7 to comfort fans of the Love Me Like vocalists and to publicly seek forgiveness by accepting full responsibility for the incident:

“In addition to this terrible situation, we really regret disappointing you owing to the agency’s insufficient reaction so far. Spire Entertainment accepts full responsibility for the issue.”

OMEGA X was in the spotlight last month when some fans observed the boy band being physically and verbally assaulted by its CEO in the United States. Since then, other perspectives on the occurrence have emerged online. Fans have expressed their outrage at the incident, arguing that the CEO should quit if she is unable to execute her job effectively.

The CEO of OMEGA X who was implicated in the incident resigns.

Spire Entertainment has now addressed the fans and members with an official apology and information on the sad occurrence with OMEGA X involving the female CEO.

According to their statement:

“Hello, and welcome to Spire Entertainment. First and foremost, we humbly apologize to the members, as well as their parents and fans, who care about OMEGA X and may have been harmed by this situation.”


It went on to disclose that the CEO had resigned:

“And, to avoid this in the future, Spire Entertainment will work hard to resolve the vexing issues you have raised.”

The agency also guaranteed that in the future, the members will be treated fairly:

“Furthermore, we will do our best to avoid a recurrence so that OMEGA X members do not have to go through such an unpleasant situation again, and we will continue to contact the members as we do our best to provide a better atmosphere for them to concentrate on their artist activities. Thank you very much.”

The announcement came shortly after the members created a new Instagram account distinct from the one affiliated with Spire Entertainment. They also discussed their feelings over the situation and informed supporters that they want to stick together and strive toward their goal.


In a previous video, the CEO of Spire Entertainment, which houses OMEGA X, was shown verbally and physically attacking members of the group. The whole action was captured on video and disseminated online, prompting fans to be concerned about the members. Furthermore, eleven members of the group, along with their supervisors, were left behind in the United States with no help from the agency. Fortunately, they were able to return to Korea safely using tickets bought with their own money.

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