Sonoya Mizuno Is Portrayed As A Mysaria In The “House of the Dragon”

Sonoya Mizuno is a member of the House of the Dragon ensemble cast on HBO. The Heirs of the Dragon, the first episode, broadcast on August 21, 2022, and introduced Mizuno as a sex worker.

Mizuno’s character Mysaria is described by HBO as follows:

“Strong-willed and clever, Mysaria is a pleasure house servant and Prince Daemon’s loyal friend.”

The tale of the Targaryen dynasty, which played a crucial part in the Game of Thrones series owing to Daenerys Targaryen’s rise and demise, is told in House of the Dragon. It takes place 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, and 172 years before the birth of Daenerys. The program is a spin-off of the Game of Thrones series and is based on George R.R. Martin’s novels.

Sonoya Mizuno alias Mysaria may be found in House of the Dragon.

Sonoya Mizuno is a Japanese-born British actress, model, and ballet dancer who appeared in House of the Dragon as Mysaria, a sex worker. Mizuno made her feature debut in Alex Garland’s Ex Machina in 2014. She went on to star in films such as High Strung, Beauty and the Beast, La La Land, and Crazy Rich Asians as a supporting actress. Mizuno has featured in Cary Joji Fukunaga’s Maniac and Garland’s FX drama Devs.

Sonoya Mizuno

Mizuno’s character in House of the Dragon hails from a lower-class household and works as a sex prostitute in one of Westeros’ brothels. Despite the fact that the show’s first episode has yet to be broadcast, Mysaria and Daemon Targaryen’s connection is thoroughly established.

Sonoya Mizuno on her House of the Dragon character, Mysaria

Mizuno defined Mysaria as a self-made lady and lone warrior in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily. She also noted that her character on the show was not the same as the one in the novels.

She stated:

“My character deviates significantly from the character in the book. For myself and the director, this is both freeing and challenging. It was liberating in the sense that we had greater freedom, but it also required some structure.”

Mizuno highlighted the show’s portrayal of universal emotions, saying:

“Her trip had a very human feel to it. It seemed extremely realistic in terms of being a woman in her 20s and 30s and learning to do what you want rather than pleasing others, and recognizing where your true power lays rather than where you thought it lay when you were 22.”

Sonoya Mizuno

Rhaenyra was crowned Queen-designate to the Iron Throne at the end of the first episode. Daemon Targaryen, who is shown visiting his dragon and departing with Mysaria, is irritated by this. It’s unclear how Mysaria’s character will evolve in the aftermath of the second episode, The Rogue Prince, which hints at a revolt on Daemon’s side in retaliation to being denied the throne. On Sunday, August 28, ET/6 PM, new episodes of House of the Dragon will be available on HBO and HBO Max. The first episode is now available on Disney+ Hotstar in India.

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