Song Joong Ki Has Revealed His Relationship With A Non-Celebrity British Woman

It was revealed on December 26, 2022, that Hallyu star Song Joong-ki is dating a non-celebrity British lady. Later that day, the actor’s management company, HighZium Studio Management, acknowledged the actor’s connection and stated:

“Actor Song Joong-ki is now dating ladies with nice sentiments; we hope you will see their relationship positively.”

Song Joong-ki allegedly presented his non-celebrity lover to staff members during a media presentation on December 7 in Singapore. The pair have been sighted together in public places such as airports and even attended a wedding in Bali. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the couple met in 2021 via a common acquaintance.

Song Joong-ki and his girlfriend have been sighted in a number of public places in recent weeks.

Song Joong-British ki’s lover used to be his English instructor, according to fans. According to reports, the actor and his girlfriend went to a wedding in Bali together, where he proudly presented her to the guests. In addition, the pair went on a date in Singapore. As a result, supporters claim that his partner is dating a daring guy who has no intention of concealing their connection. The couple has been spotted together on several occasions, including Reborn Rich’s global promotions. Aside from that, Soong Joong-ki and his British girlfriend were recently seen together at the airport. Fans are overjoyed for the actor, who is finally moving on in life given how quickly things changed when he and his ex-wife, Song Hye-kyo, divorced.

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong-agency ki’s also emphasized that fans should refrain from spreading false stories. They said in a statement:

“We ask for your understanding that we cannot confirm any information other than that they are dating, and we would appreciate it if you abstain from posting any speculative or unsubstantiated stories.”

Fans are overjoyed that Song Joong-ki isn’t keeping anything from the public about his new love and is going on open dates with her. Furthermore, according to fans, he is mainly with her when he goes to personal gatherings or drama promotions. Meanwhile, speculations are circulating that the pair was observed at the OBGYN office, prompting some fans to wonder about the Vincenzo actor’s girlfriend’s probable pregnancy. Someone he knew witnessed the pair in the OBGYN’s office, according to an unnamed user.

Song Joong Ki

The initial message, which was published on December 22, indicated that the actor’s girlfriend is Italian and that the pair would soon marry. Someone remarked on the same thread saying he knew someone who saw the pair at the OBGYN’s office because they assumed the actor’s girlfriend was pregnant. HighZium Studio Management, on the other hand, was quick to address the problem in a December 26 statement, stating that they cannot confirm the pregnancy rumors since it is the actor’s private life and they have no say in it.

Reborn Rich sets a new viewing record for a television drama.

Reborn Rich, Song Joong-newest ki’s drama, finished on a high note on December 25. According to Good Data Corporation’s weekly drama list, Reborn Rich ranked first for five weeks in a row and generated the greatest buzz among fans.

According to Nielsen Korea, the smash hit drama had an average countrywide rating of 26.9 percent, breaking the previous record of the second-highest ratings in viewership in cable drama history held by the 2020 popular drama The World of the Marriage.

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