SMROOKIES’ Shohei Stated That EXO’s Sehun Played A Important Role In His Life And Career

Shohei, a Japanese SMROOKIES trainee, recently revealed the K-pop hero that motivated him to pursue a music career: EXO’s Sehun. The first episode of Welcome to NCT Universe featured presenters Sungchan and Shotaro welcoming the pre-debut trio of Shohei, Seunghan, and Eunseok. The three discussed a variety of topics, one of which being Shohei’s role model. In one powerful phrase, he talked about the hero that motivated him to follow in his footsteps. He stated:

“I aspired to be a singer after witnessing Sehun of EXO…”

After the hosts joked that it was just Sehun since EXO used to have 11 members but is now down to nine, the SMROOKIES member responded:

“That’s correct. Everything I desire is a result of Sehun (hyung).”

SMROOKIES’ In Welcome to NCT Universe Ep. 1, Shohei delivers a lovely video greeting to his idol, EXO’s Sehun.

The newest variety series, Welcome to NCT Universe, brings together all of the NCT members (127, DREAM, and WayV) and SMROOKIES under one roof, with Sungchan and Shotaro as presenters. The program debuted on November 16, 2022, and SMROOKIES members Shohei, Seunghan, and Eunseok appeared as guests.


At one point during the event, Sungchan questioned Shohei’s decision to pursue an idol career. The 26-year-old trainee immediately responded with the name Sehun of EXO. He then said that he met his role model once at a corporate function and was fortunate enough to converse with him.

“I had the good fortune to have a corporate meal with him once. It seemed like a nightmare.”

Because he was afraid, the 26-year-old would-be-idol couldn’t speak to him much. The statement inspired hosts Sungchan and Shotaro to create an interesting concept. They requested that the SMROOKIES member send Sehun a video message. The request caught him by surprise, but he nevertheless followed through.

“How are you? It’s been a while.” Shohei here. I adore you very much, Sehun Hyung. I’m always on your side. I hope to have many corporate meals with you in the future. “I adore you.”

Sungchan, Shotaro, Seunghan, and Eunseok were ecstatic after receiving a message from an SMROOKIES member. This isn’t the first time Shohei has mentioned EXO’s Sehun as his motivation for entering the world of K-pop. He told WWD Korea earlier this year that he fell in love with the EXO singer at first sight after seeing his performance in the 2014 song Overdose.


The Welcome to NCT Universe episode 2 trailer, which debuted on November 17, hinted to an even more thrilling gathering of all the NCT males. The newcomers will form teams and play against their seniors. The second episode promises a number of heartwarming and endearing moments between the superstars and trainees. The next episode of Welcome to NCT Universe will air on Kocowa TV on November 23, 2022.

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