Sitala A K-pop Singer Has Left The Rookie Female Group H1-KEY

Sitala Wongkrachang of K-pop idol group H1-KEY has opted to quit the group for personal reasons. GLG, the singer’s agency, issued an official statement announcing the singer’s resignation from the group.

According to the agency:

“Hello, my name is GLG. We regret to inform you that member Sitala, who has been a member of H1-KEY until now, has opted to quit the team for personal reasons.”

Grandline Group and Sony Music Entertainment Korea developed and manage the rookie K-pop female group. Seoi, Riina, and Yel will now make up the group. The group, which included Sitala, made its debut on January 5, 2022, with their first single album Athletic Girl.

Former H1-KEY member Sitala faces backlash online.

Sitala’s agency, Grandline Group, issued an official statement on May 25, 2022, announcing the idol’s resignation from the rookie female group, which debuted in January 2022 with the hit track Athletic Girl. According to the agency, group member Sitala opted to quit the group for personal reasons, and the matter has sparked outrage among netizens.

Grandline Group went on to say the following:

“The agency addressed this topic extensively with Sitala as well as the other H1-KEY members, and the conclusion was taken after a comprehensive evaluation of the whole circumstances.”


The agency went on to apologize for raising alarm among fans with the unexpected announcement. It also asked fans to send good words to the K-pop star and the rest of the group for a prosperous future.

“Above all, we sincerely regret generating distress with such unexpected news. We ask for your warm support for Sitala’s future, as well as for the other H1-KEY members who aim to restart their journey to their aspirations. Thank you very much.”

Meanwhile, in 2021, Sitala attracted internet criticism for her family’s alleged role in Thailand’s 2014 political upheaval. Sarunyu Wongkrachang, Sitala’s father, was a Thai actor and director. Sarunyu Wongkrachang was reportedly engaged in helping the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, which played a significant part in the 2014 Thai political crisis, according to several accounts.


Grandline Group replied at the time by stating their confirmation to maintain Sitala in H1-KEY, despite countless netizens criticizing her removal. The agency concluded that it could not hold Sitala responsible for her father’s previous choices and acts that were beyond her control.

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