Sierra Jenkins A Reporter Was Killed In Norfolk Restaurant Shooting

Norfolk-based Sierra Jenkins, a reporter with the Virginian Pilot, was slain in a gunfight on Saturday morning. On March 19, a shooter opened fire on five people, including Jenkins, injuring three of them. Along with Jenkins, another individual is said to have died as a result of gunshot wounds. According to the Norfolk Police Department, an officer responded to a complaint of a gunfight at 2:00 a.m. Jenkins and the other victim were taken to the hospital, but the reporter was declared dead.

According to the police report, the incident occurred on Granby Street. Jenkins, 25, was leaving Chicho’s Pizza Backstage at the time. According to CNN, there was an altercation, which was followed by a shooting, which resulted in Jenkins receiving a gunshot wound.

What is known about Sierra Jenkins, a late Virginia-based reporter?

Sierra Jenkins was a Virginian-Pilot newspaper reporter who has worked with the publication since 2020. She worked as an ‘Education correspondent’ for the newspaper till her untimely death. She formerly worked as an editorial researcher for Atalanta Magazine and as a CNN news assistant. The 25-year-old was a native of Norfolk, Virginia, and a graduate of Granby High School. Sierra Jenkins went on to study journalism after high school, earning a bachelor’s degree in December 2019 from Georgia State University.

Sierra Jenkins

Jenkins began working as an intern for several newspapers and media businesses around the time of her graduation. Atlanta Magazine and Her Campus Media, both located in Boston, are among them. Jenkins began her career as an editorial intern at Atlanta Magazine, and after taking a year off, she was employed as an editorial fact-checker by the organization. Jenkins, meanwhile, was elevated to Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Media after just a few months on the job.

Virginia Media’s Editor-in-Chief told The Virginian-Pilot:

“Sierra was a brilliant and accomplished lady who had a lot going for her. Her enthusiasm for journalism was apparent, and her work has made our town a better place. Sierra was amusing, active, and full of life. We are utterly saddened.”

Meanwhile, Jenkins’ late father, Maurice Jenkins, hailed his late daughter and referred to her as a “go-getter.” He went on to describe the late 25-year-old as an “energetic, compassionate, and generous guy.”

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