Shyla Walker Criticized Austin McBroom After He Post Her Daughter Photo On Social Media

Austin McBroom was chastised by Shyla Walker for allegedly uploading images of her kid on social media. Shyla is vehemently opposed to posting her daughter Souline’s photograph on the internet, and this has fueled her rage. Austin McBroom’s younger brother Landon shares Walker’s daughter, making Austin the child’s uncle. The enraged mother took to Instagram to accuse Austin and his family of a slew of severe charges. Shyla shared a DM she wrote to him after the event in an Instagram story, which read:

“Please stop posting my child. Post your three content creators and leave mine off, dookie boy. “You’re a d**k motherf**ker.”

She proceeded to threaten the social media celebrity and even threatened him with legal action, saying:

“Do you really need yet another lawsuit?” Consider that. I’m not interested in blackmailing you or anything else, and I’m not going to publish any of your stuff on your little wh**ehouse. You asked me for the film, but just keep my child out of it.”

What were Shyla’s claims against Austin McBroom?

Shyla has expressed her dissatisfaction with posting images of her kid on social media, and she has expressed remorse for doing so in the past. As a result, when Austin McBroom posted a photo of Souline with her father at his boxing gym, the 25-year-old influencer chose to respond on social media.

In one of her tales, there were words placed over it that said:

“LEAVE MINE ALONE…!” All I ask is that you do not publish her because she is entitled to a NORMAL SAFE PRIVATE LIFE. I’ve let this “slip” happen s00000000 times. Stop messing with MY MOTHER!” (sic)


Shyla made multiple charges against the McBroom family in the same tale. Austin McBroom, she alleged, cheated on his wife, Catherine, and Catherine was aware of it. She also said that the pair had a third IVF pregnancy in order to have a son.

She also said that Cole Carrigan’s charges against Austin McBroom and his father were genuine. She wrote:

“Oh, and when *that* video came out, you attempted to have security k*ll Cole what’s his name. Yes, Austin and his father do it together.”

Shyla Walker

Shyla also said that his mother was aware of the occurrence. The event that Shyla is referring to occurred in 2019. Carrigan said that the McBrooms attempted to attack him after he posted a video in which he claimed Austin’s father s*xually abused one of his close friends. Cole said in the video that the lady was forced to sign an NDA and was unable to speak about the event. Cole’s video included purported text conversations as well as photographs from the incident. Austin responded to Cole’s charges, declaring them false and referring to himself as a “victim of extortion, defamation, and slander.”

Shyla Walker stated that the McBrooms texted her from an unknown phone. The influencer followed up with another narrative that included screenshots of a few texts from an unknown number. The text message received by the number read:

“Not the video of you basically claiming you’re getting money by utilizing the Ace family’s name many times.”

“Not the video of you wishing Landon’s death from cancer.”

“No, not the video of you shouting at your own daughter.”

Shyla walker

While the context of the received messages is unknown. Shyla said that the sender was using her background to blackmail her. She continued, saying:

“I will not be blackmailed, and anyone thinks they have tea on me is sipping p*ss.” In terms of my “image,” I don’t have much to lose. “I’ve endured, triumphed, learnt, and am still learning.”

She went on to say that she did not want to “live in terror” or “be silenced” by her history. Shyla said that she was “done with this tiny circumstance and nasty energy involved.” Shyla’s charges against the McBrooms have elicited no response from the McBroom’s.

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