Shreya Lenka And Gabriela Dalcin Are The New Two Member Of BLACKSWAN

BLACKSWAN was a five-member group under DR Music until November 2020, when group member Hyeme left. Soon after, DR Music announced that worldwide auditions will be held to fill the position. Youngheun, Fatou, Judy, Leia, Gabi (Gabriela Dalcin), and Sriya are the current members of the group (Shreya Lenka).

As previously reported by foreign media sources, Shreya Lenka from India and Gabi from Brazil were picked as the top two out of the 4,000+ females that auditioned for a position in the K-pop girl group. According to the label:

“After participating in the worldwide audition procedure for the last six months, Sriya and Gabi were ultimately chosen as members of Blackswan. We’ll be back with the new BLACKSWAN after their premiere.”

BLACKSWAN has gone through various changes in the past, from members leaving to renaming the band. Raina, the K-pop female trio, changed their name to BP Raina. Following a successful career, the group’s name was changed to B.P, which was then renamed BLACKSWAN.

Meet Shreya and Gabi, the two newest members of BLACKSWAN.

Shreya Lenka

Various media sites released an update on DR Music’s K-pop girl group BLACKSWAN on May 27, 2022. Following successful tryouts to replace departed group member Hyeme, the agency chose two applicants instead of one – Shreya and Gabi (Gabriela). Shrey Lenka is an 18-year-old Indian K-pop aficionado and performer from the state of Odisha who has been studying with DR Music in South Korea. Shreya, known for her graceful motions and great voice, did something that many K-pop lovers wish for.

Shreya Lenka

Shreya, who was born into a family of yoga builders, has always been drawn to the performing arts. The teenage K-pop fan started practicing Odissi, a traditional dance style but had to stop owing to personal concerns. She is also believed to have engaged in training with a well-known Indian dancer, Boogie Woogie HipHop 2009 winner Madan Mohan Purty, who encouraged and coached her in developing her abilities.

Her desire to succeed led her to compete in at least 30 national and regional-level dancing contests. Shreya has also self-taught hip-hop and freestyle dance genres. She discovered DR Music’s auditions on social media and decided to give it a go, not expecting she would go on to create history.

Gabriela Dalcin



Gabi, short for Gabriela Strassburger Dalcin, is a Brazilian 19-year-old who was recently chosen as a member of the K-pop girl group. More information about the latest K-pop star has yet to be released by DR Music. Meanwhile, the group has already received a lot of attention and interest thanks to group member Fatou, who is the industry’s sole active black K-pop star. Netizens have praised the company for bringing diversity and equality to the business, and they are excited to hear new songs from the fresh arrivals.

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