Sheryl Sandberg Got Married To Her Long-Time Boyfriend Tom Bernthal

Sheryl Sandberg married Tom Bernthal on Saturday in Wyoming. After three years of courtship, the philanthropist married the founder and former CEO of Kelton Global. Sheryl Sandberg made the news public on her Instagram account by posting a photo of the newlyweds. The picture’s caption says “married.”

Who is Sheryl Sandberg’s spouse, Tom Bernthal?

After Sheryl married Bernthal on Saturday, the public started to wonder about her husband, Tom. Bernthal is the founder and former CEO of Kelton Global, a strategic consulting firm located in Los Angeles. Prior to joining Kelton in 2002, he worked as a national producer for NBC News. He worked for the media company from 1996 to 2002, winning three Emmy awards during that time. He has contributed to Today, Nightly News, and Deadline, as well as the networks MSNBC and CNBC, throughout his journalistic career.

Sheryl Sandberg

His father, who was born in Washington, was a lawyer with Latham & Watkins LLP and presently leads the board of directors for the US Humane Society. In addition, he has two brothers, Jon and Nicholas. While Jon is an actor most recognized for his portrayal of the Punisher, Nicholas is an orthopedic surgeon and UCLA professor.

How Did Sheryl Sandberg & Tom Bernthal meet?

Sheryl, 52, and Tom, 50, were previously married to separate persons. While Sheryl’s husband, Dave, died suddenly of a heart attack, Tom had been divorced for a long time. However, it was Rob Goldberg, Sheryl’s late husband’s brother, who arranged the meeting and helped Tom and Sheryl connect. Rob once disclosed to a reporter that he knew Bernthal since he was a personal buddy and former NBC News Producer. He also said that he was aware that Tom was seeking someone with whom to create a life after his divorce.

In addition, he stated:

“They both came out of difficult moments in their life still joyful and eager to make their lives and the lives of their children better.”

In reality, in 2021, when announcing the beneficiaries of the Dave Goldberg Scholarship, a program founded in Dave’s honor by the family, Bernthal reflected on his friendship with Sheryl’s late spouse, saying:

“As one of the lucky few who knew Dave personally, I’ve now experienced directly how this program exemplifies his ethos of giving people every chance to work hard and achieve all imaginable for themselves.”

Sheryl Sandberg

Sandberg, who is stepping down as Meta’s COO this September, previously stated she couldn’t envision dating again, much alone getting married. Tom said the same thing in a recent Instagram post announcing his wedding to Sheryl Sandberg.

He shared the photo, saying:

“After both of us had experienced loss, Sheryl and I weren’t sure we’d ever find love again.” We’ve integrated our lives and families over the previous three years. Today’s wedding was a dream come true.”

Sheryl, who has a daughter and a son, and Tom, who has three children, announced to everyone that “all seven of us are getting married.” In place of wedding presents, the couple requested that guests give to VOW and CARE, two organizations that support anti-child marriage and poverty reduction activities.

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