Sheri Easterling Response To A Monty Lopez Parody TikTok Video

Is Monty Lopez really unconcerned about his separated wife, Sheri Easterling, moving on, or is he acting? When we last reported on Addison Rae’s parents, there was a lot of conflict between them. Her mother had made her red carpet debut at the MTV VMAs with her new lover, Yung Gravy. The new pair had also shared smooches, generating a fan and press frenzy. Meanwhile, Rae’s father said he was “unbothered” by the kiss. Easterling was also accused of isolating him from his daughter and grandchildren. Ava Louise, his supposed new lover, supported his statements and leveled even more severe charges against Easterling.

Sheri Easterling Reacts to Monty Lopez’s TikTok Video

Lopez submitted a TikTok performing the current trend that has been going around on TikTok on September 1, 2022. Lopez, dressed as a “police runner,” is seen fleeing from the police after committing a “crime.” The video, however, had a sarcastic edge. Lopez was alluding to his crime of dating 20-year-olds, but the song he was listening to featured lyrics like “It’s okay when they do it. When I do that, it causes an issue.”

Sheri Easterling

He seemed to be implicitly facing the naysayers who had condemned him for having relationships with 20-year-old females while saying nothing about Easterling, who was also seeing a 20-year-old. According to netizen comments, Easterling commented on Lopez’s TikTok, but Lopez erased them. However, before it was erased, several people screenshot it and submitted it to the original Tiktokroom. Easterling had accused Lopez of preventing her from moving on and seemed to have responded to another user’s remark.

Addison Rae gets chastised by her parents.

Netizens chastised the parents-of-three for their online feud in the comments area of Tiktokroom’s article. “These two are really humiliating themselves and their children,” one commenter said.

“What’s the issue with doing stuff off the internet nowadays?” another member asked. “It’s as if they’ve made it their goal to shame Addison,” a third said. For sure, LA destroys families. It’s unfortunate that something needs to be shown in this manner.”

Rae was humiliated by her parents, according to a source, according to Entertainment Tonight on August 30, 2022. The popular TikToker did her best not to become embroiled in her parents’ turmoil.

Sheri Easterling

“At this time, Addison feels humiliated by her parents and is attempting to remove herself from them.” She is attempting to maintain her composure and concentrate on the tasks she is working on. “She doesn’t want them to have an influence on her future,” the insider said.

She unfollowed her parents on social media once the turmoil between them erupted. Rae unfollowed her father after learning about his adultery, and she stopped following her mother once she started openly flirting with Yung Gravy. According to the insider, Rae did not want to publicly recognize what was going on, nor had she paid attention to their relationships or online activities.

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