Shayne Jansen Recently Addressed That He Was Accused Of Drugs Usage On The Dating Program

Shayne Jansen, the star of Love Is Blind, recently spoke out about drug usage charges on the dating program. On Wednesday, he appeared on Nick Viall’s Viall Files and denied taking drugs on the Netflix show. In season 2 of Love Is Blind, the 32-year-old Chicago real estate salesperson was referred to as a “flirt.” Viewers chastised Jansen for flirting with Shaina Hurley and then proposing to Natalie Lee. In addition to disparaging comments, fans also accused Jansen of using “cocaine” while on the reality program.

What does Shayne Jansen have to say about drug charges?

In The Viall Files, he confessed that it was impossible to use drugs on the program since his microphone was always linked to him. Everyone would have heard if he had used it. “People mistook me for a drug dealer. I’m being mic’d the whole time. Everyone would have been able to hear me do it. It’s crazy to think I was carrying cocaine on me and snorting lines and doing all these things in the restroom while I was mic’d up.”

Shayne Jansen
Jansen continued:

“Have I ever [taken drugs]?” Yes. I didn’t on the program.”

The reality TV personality went on to say that he has never put anything into his body but has done a few things. His unstable and nervous conduct on the dating show generated drug addiction suspicions. In response to viewers’ assumptions, Jansen stated that he was “sick of people” putting snowflake emojis (symbolizing cocaine) on his social media comment area.

The reason behind the nervous demeanor of the Love Is Blind star.


On The Viall Files, Shayne Jansen revealed the true reason for his jittery demeanor. According to reports, the Love Is Blind actor suffered from severe Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and was sleep deprived before his wedding. This was why he seemed to be high on narcotics.

Jansen stated:

“I have terrible, serious ADHD, and you’ve been sitting in this small, little room for three hours.” It isn’t even 30 minutes. It’s like three hours, and you have cameras everywhere, cameras everywhere, gazing at you while you profess your love and speak about all your profound feelings.”

Shayne Jansen

He went on:

“I didn’t sleep for two days straight because I had no clue what she was going to say at the altar, no concept.” My mother was in town, as was the rest of my family. “I felt so humiliated that my anxiousness was out of control.”

Natalie Lee broke her relationship with Jansen on their wedding day in the Season 2 conclusion of Love Is Blind. According to reports, they rejoined after the concert but shortly called it quits for the second time.

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