Shanazia Williamson Filed A Lawsuit Against Travis Scott Regarding Astroworld Tragedy

According to Rolling Stone, a lady named Shanazia Williamson filed a complaint against Travis Scott after her miscarriage on Thursday, May 12. Her miscarriage was reportedly caused by being trampled during the notorious Travis Scott Astroworld event in November 2021, according to her allegations. Shanazia Williamson and her husband, Jarawd Owens, were expecting a child together, according to the wrongful death complaint she filed. However, according to the complaint, the couple from Dayton, Ohio, lost their unborn child as a result of the sad rush. According to the records acquired by Rolling Stone, the complaint was filed in December of last year, a month after the Astroworld catastrophe.

All we know about Shanazia Williamson, the woman who sued Travis Scott.

While nothing is known about Williamson, she is said to be from Dayton, Ohio. She worked as a manager at Aéropostale in Ohio’s Dayton mall, according to her Facebook page. Furthermore, the Ohio native is said to have gone to Thurgood Marshall High School in her hometown.

What was the basis of Shanazia Williamson’s wrongful death complaint against Travis Scott?

The complaint alleged, according to the legal document:

“Shanazia was trampled and crushed while attending the event, resulting in horrible injuries and the loss of her and Jarawd’s unborn child… Shanazia’s injuries and the loss of her and Jarawd’s unborn child were directly and proximately caused by the defendant’s failure to plan, construct, manage, run, staff, and oversee the event.”

Travis Scott

Williamson allegedly suffered injuries to many portions of her body at the Astroworld event, including “shoulder, back, leg, chest, stomach,” among others. According to ABC 13, the Harris County Institute of Forensic Services did not file a report on the fetus’s death since it died outside of Houston. The attorneys and other spokespersons were not permitted to provide any further information due to a gag order issued by Judge Kristen Hawkins, who will rule over the case.

It is also unknown how far along Shanazia Williamson was in her pregnancy as of currently. According to court filings, the couple is seeking more than $1 million in damages. Williamson and Owens have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against rapper Travis Scott, as well as Live Nation and ScoreMore, for the loss of their unborn child.

Astroworld Tragedy
The complaint stated:

“Defendants are the event’s owners, operators, promoters, organizers, and performers, and each had a duty and obligation to ensure safe concert operations.”

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