SEVENTEEN’s HOSHI Talks About His Preparations For The Globe Tour

HOSHI from SEVENTEEN recently went all out to wow fans with his muscular figure. During the Be the Sun globe tour, as well as in the current Vogue Korea photo shoot, the idol showed off his abs. Standing at 1.78 m, the Horangi Power star showed off his muscular physique in order to please fans who had waited over two years to witness the group in person.

HOSHI, as the performance team leader, was conscious of witnessing CARATs for the first time on their Be the Sun tour. He was aware that the COVID-19 limits had finally been relaxed, allowing spectators to shout loudly. Taking this into account, he began working out and taking fitness more seriously.

“The COVID-19 venue limits were relaxed beginning with advertising for our fourth studio album.” This allowed audience members to shout and sing along. Because this was the first time I saw supporters in person, I gained momentum and took better care of my physique.”

HOSHI of SEVENTEEN explains his goal to offer a “more mature image” to fans.


HOSHI, 26, wears a lot of headgear. He is a dancer, singer, choreographer, entertainer, and leader. The idol, who is a member of the famous group SEVENTEEN, is always striving to enhance the image he gives to the public. The reintroduction of live performances after the COVID-19 outbreak inspired him to go above and above for his followers. HOSHI of SEVENTEEN garnered headlines throughout the world for his toned abs and biceps, which he flaunted at multiple Be The Sun concerts. In a recent interview with Vogue Korea, the 26-year-old explained his motivation:

“It was our first performance in two years and four months since the epidemic began, and I was reminded of the past once I was on stage.” ‘Yes, this is what I’m talking about!’ I thought. Honestly, I held out throughout the epidemic, thinking, ‘I need to meet [our fans] Carats with a bit more mature image.’”

HOSHI of SEVENTEEN released Spider, his solo mixtape before there were any rumors of a global tour. It attests to the idol’s outstanding voice and, more importantly, his ability as a performing team leader. The dance started with him hanging upside down on a rail, and he then performed different formations constructed around it, mimicking spider motions.

In addition, the superstar said that Spider was an attempt on his side to present fans with a fresh aspect of himself.

“Even though my solo mixtape ‘Spider’ dropped in the thick of the epidemic, I truly wanted to present a different image.” After all of that, seeing our followers in person made me cry.”


Speaking of crying, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi recently shed a tear when discussing his agency, PLEDIS Entertainment. Unlike some other groups, all 13 SEVENTEEN members have been with the agency from their trainee days. They broke the dreaded seven-year curse in K-pop by renewing their contracts a few months ago.

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