SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Astounded Everyone With His Innovative Approach To Fans

Sasaeng events have grown rather prevalent, with many stars getting cut off in the middle of a live broadcast owing to persistent fan calls. When his phone rang, Hoshi was on a Livestream with his fans. Hoshi not only ignored the call but also said on the livestream that he would not take any calls for as long as they tried. Hoshi also made an attractive pout expression and playfully complained about how the sasaeng wasn’t bothering other members of his group and was just bothering him. Fans couldn’t get enough of Hoshi’s amusing perspective on the issue and showered him with love and appreciation for his positive attitude.

Fans express their outrage about Hoshi’s sasaeng incident.

Sasaengs are obsessive persons who call themselves admirers, but when it comes to an idol’s privacy, they violate all borders. Sasaengs have targeted both male and female stars throughout the years. The most recent sequence of instances has mostly included sasaengs gaining access to artists’ contact details and then contacting them constantly to grab their attention.


The majority of these occurrences occurred during live streaming, allowing supporters to experience the idols’ pain. The audience has often voiced their dissatisfaction with the release of the idols’ contact information and encouraged agencies to take better care of their artists.

Apart from Hoshi, here are some of the other idols that have recently been tormented by sasaengs.

Sasaengs have recently targeted BTS’ Jungkook, Jimin, Astro’s Cha Eun Woo, and many more stars. They each dealt with things in their own manner. Regardless, these incidences elicited outrage from followers on social media. During a Vlive session, BTS’ Jungkook was spotted begging that a fan stop phoning him.

When stopped during his live stream with J-hope in Chicago after both opted to connect with fans after his performance at Lollapalooza, BTS’ Jimin was rather tough and outspoken. The idol told the sasaeng not to call him. Astro’s Cha Eun Woo was also hounded and interrupted multiple times during his Instagram live, but the idol politely declined all calls. While his commitment and patience were admirable, supporters were outraged by the continual abuse he suffered as a result of his career.


Sasaeng occurrences should be reduced by the intervention of entertainment firms and the tight engagement of law enforcement officials. Such events are harmful to the health and well-being of idols and should be dealt with harshly right away.

In other developments, Hoshi and the other SEVENTEEN members are preparing for their second reunion in 2022. Pledis Entertainment, which is currently a sub-label of Hybe, is home to the famous K-pop group. SEVENTEEN and their random Carats are a K-pop force to be reckoned with. In 2022, the group won its first MTV VMA nomination for best K-pop group.

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