Seth MacFarlane’s Father Refused To Appear On The Tonight Show

Seth MacFarlane’s father, Ron MacFarlane, is a skilled folk singer who was once extremely popular. Ron was even asked to appear on The Tonight Show in the 1970s when it was hosted by the renowned Johnny Carson. He ended up on The Tonight Show because Seth was one of the featured audience members when he appeared on the show in 2015.

MacFarlane, Ron Refused to appear on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.’

During his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s modern-day version of The Tonight Show, Seth questioned whether the story about his father almost being on the show was real. As it turned out, it was. Ironically, the father was invited to come to the same studio where his son was doing an interview, but he declined for a straightforward reason: he didn’t want to sell out to the man!

Seth shouted to his father, who was sitting in the crowd, confirming. And he did it.

Ron MacFarlane
Ron MacFarlane Refused to be on ‘The Tonight Show’

Seth MacFarlane’s parents raised their children in a unique manner

While on the subject, Jimmy questioned the famed actor about how his father was as a parent, inadvertently prompting Seth to recall a remarkable experience from his childhood. Seth began telling the story of his parents sitting him down and telling him,

“It will be natural for you to want to try drugs… and all we ask is that you do it here in this house, with us present.”

His father was signaling him to be silent from his position in the crowd the entire time. Seth ignored the notification. He continued. Seth deduced that his parents were attempting to erase the allure of drug use from his mind.

“I was too stupid to take advantage of it,”

He admitted.

“Basically, they were offering to be mules!”

When he questioned Ron if there were any drugs in the house when he was a kid, the musician had no answer. So there you have it! Regardless of the strategy, Seth maintained that the parenting approach was practical.

Seth MacFarlane Got High with His Family

At least, it worked until much later in his life, when he decided to try the pot. He was 28 at the time. He even admitted to getting high with his parents to celebrate Thanksgiving. Seth and his sister wondered if they brought marijuana into the house “in this current period” if their parents would smoke it. Surprise! They’d do it!

The entire family was stoned together. Seth remembered his father saying to him,

“This is the first time we’ve been high as father and son!”

Seth said that it was a heartfelt time in their relationship. The father and son have a very tight connection. Ron is 75 years old as of this writing, although he will be 76 in March 2021.

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