Semantic Error’s Jaechan Is Criticized For Subscribing To Sojang

DKZ’s Jaechan, who had a spectacular acting debut with BL serial Semantic Error, has found himself in difficulties. The Semantic Error actor group staged a 24-hour relay broadcast on December 17. At one point, the idol actor displayed his YouTube profile, which landed him in hot water when some eagle-eyed viewers discovered that he had subscribed to the controversial YouTuber Sojang.

The latter has a bad reputation for propagating false tales and made-up circumstances such as leaks with malevolent purpose concerning idols. BTS’ V allegedly already issued an indirect warning to the YouTuber and threatened to sue them. Seeing Sojang’s channel as part of Jaechan’s subscriber list has suddenly left netizens unhappy. They even extensively examined the image and emphasized how bad the account at the top of his list was, which did not even have a blue dot indicator, which informs viewers to freshly posted movies from a channel.

Jaechan of Semantic Error gets a mixed answer for subscribing to Sojang and addresses it in a message.

DKZ’s 24-hour broadcast on the VLIVE platform presently only has around 5 hours of video. The program aired on December 17, and viewers are still unsure why the remaining hours were removed. The webcast unintentionally divulged information, making the group’s most prominent member, Jaechan, the focus of hostile remarks. In a popular snapshot of the webcast, Jaechan’s YouTube subscriber list highlighted travel blogger Pani Bottle and NMC, among other channels. The famed YouTuber called Sojang, on the other hand, was at the top of that list. This specific content provider has become identified with disseminating highly overblown and gossip-y type articles about K-pop stars.


As the topic developed, DKZ’s Jaechan responded through a chat app, stating that he wasn’t aware of the channel since he doesn’t “actually subscribe” or even watch videos. He admitted to not managing his account. According to Koreaboo’s translation:

“While I’m at it, let me clarify something since I notice there’s some discussion about it. I’m not sure what that channel is about. I don’t watch videos or subscribe to channels. I don’t keep a careful eye on my account. So I had no clue what I had joined to.”

He told his admirers that he would be more cautious in the future.

“Other than a select handful, I did not personally push subscribe [button] for the channels that you saw on the list. However, I have cleaned it up now. I apologize for causing worry with my irresponsible behavior and pledge to be more careful in the future.”

However, many netizens were dissatisfied with the idol’s message, as they had been in the past. They claimed that he could have simply evaded it by stating it was a staff member’s account while others remarked that it was “a turnoff,” particularly his tone.



Netizens were even more startled since Sojang had previously made speculative and contentious claims regarding DKZ member Munik in April of this year. Many followers backed Jaechan, and one even commented that he too was “a victim” of the YouTuber, thus his message may be the truth. Jaechan of DKZ had his debut with Semantic Error, in which he co-starred with Park Seo-ham. The program is a famous Korean BL series that has earned him several rookie and star of the year accolades. DKZ, originally known as DONGKIZ, rose to prominence as a result of the show’s popularity.

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