“Selling The OC” Star Tyler Stanaland Announced His Split With His Wife Brittany Snow

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow announced their divorce on Instagram on September 14, 2022. Tyler previously said that his co-star Kayla Cardona attempted to kiss him on many occasions. For a very long time, accusations and denials were traded back and forth. Tyler never expressed any problems with his wife during the ordeal. On the contrary, he noted that Brittany Snow was unconcerned by the kissing scandal and suggested that fans could see her on Selling The OC in the future. However, the pair announced their separation through Instagram on Wednesday. The post’s introductory words read:

“After much thought and deliberation, Britt and I have decided to divorce.” This choice was taken in the spirit of love and mutual respect.”

Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow had a two-year marriage.

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland met via common friends in 2018, got engaged in 2019, and plan to marry in Malibu in 2020. On July 9, 2020, the Pitch Perfect actress posted photos from her wedding on her Instagram account.

She captioned the post with:

“I’m getting married to my favorite person.” A few days later, the whole planet went dark, and we were taken aback by the timing. We knew we were really fortunate to have discovered one other, but we had no clue how fortunate we would be to marry just before a watershed moment in our history.”

Tyler Stanaland

She went on:

“Everything that could have gone wrong that day did wrong… but it was completely and impossibly beautiful.” On that day, more than ever before, I realized there was no one else I’d rather have hold my hand in the midst of a (life) storm. “I adore you.”

Brittany Snow announced her divorce from Tyler Snow on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, with an Instagram photo showing the two on a metro, staring at Tyler’s phone. Tyler used the same image in his post announcing their breakup. It went on to say that the two intended to spend some time apart from each other exploring their respective personalities. It went on to say that even though they are separated, they would continue to keep their relationship private, particularly for their dog Charlie.

The last line of the post read:

“We genuinely appreciate your support and respectfully request privacy as we embark on this new journey.”

What did Brittany Snow’s spouse have to say about the Selling the OC controversy?

The real estate salespeople of The Oppenheim Group in Orange County were seen discussing Kayla attempting to kiss Tyler in Episode 5 of Selling The OC Season 1. The latter admitted to trying to approach him on many occasions.

Tyler mentioned in an interview:

“Kayla did attempt to kiss me one night.” Then it occurred again the next night. So, out of respect for her, I’m simply trying to downplay and brush through it on the program so there’s no drama. We can all concentrate on what we need to accomplish.”

Tyler Stanaland

Kayla, on the other hand, eventually rejected all of Tyler’s charges. She admitted to being inebriated and said that he was flirting with her as well. She stated:

“When I drink too much, I become extremely friendly, affectionate, and other such things.” I’m simply being pleasant and amusing myself. I’m not a saboteur…”

Kayla went on to say that she would also want to speak with Tyler’s wife, Brittany Snow. The latter has not publicly reacted to Kayla at the time of writing this piece. Fans were still processing the kiss when Tyler delivered another bombshell on Wednesday, announcing his divorce from his wife of two years. Selling the OC is a spin-off of Netflix’s hit program Selling Sunset. The show follows 11 real estate agents as they struggle to manage their personal and business lives. Netflix has all of the episodes of Selling the OC accessible for watching.

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