Selling Sunset Star Christine Quinn 6 Little-Known Facts

Christine Quinn, the star of Selling Sunset, has announced her departure from the show. She will not feature in the show’s recently renewed Seasons 6 and 7, according to TVLine. According to production sources, the departure was a “mutual choice.”

The reality celebrity was a prominent cast member on the blockbuster Netflix program, as well as the show’s production business. Christine is presently absent from the set. Christine Quinn has been one of the program’s most popular cast members and has been involved in various controversies since the show aired on Netflix in 2019. Christine had a dramatic finish in the fifth season finale, which featured her refuting claims that she paid one of Emma Hernan’s clients into working with her. She has also had feuds with other real estate brokers, including Chrishell Stause and Heather Young. She also missed the Selling Sunset Season 5 reunion, saying she had COVID after Hernan accused her of bribery.

Christine Quinn, star of Selling Sunset, has some lesser-known facts. Although Christine Quinn is the show’s villain, she has been a constant presence since the show’s premiere in 2019. With her stylish appearance and tell-it-like-it-is attitude, the reality star has added to the show’s realism component. This helped her and the series establish a large fan base.

Here are six lesser-known facts about Christine Quinn, the star of Selling Sunset.

1) Christine Quinn formerly went by another name.

The star of Selling Sunset was not always known by her given name. Christine Quinn apparently went under a different identity before becoming a realtor with The Oppenheim Group. According to House Beautiful, she used to go as “Christine Bently Quinn,” or she would omit her last name and go by Christine Bently. Her IMDB website lists her with this name while identifying her with numerous of her productions. She ceased using the name Bently after joining The Oppenheim Group and went by Christine Quinn.

Christine Quinn

2) Christine’s life was influenced by her mother’s health problems.

Despite the fact that the Selling Sunset actress has become an immensely big figure in the reality television industry, she has had her own set of personal challenges. Christine Quinn told Vogue in an interview that she had suffered a lot as a child due to her mother’s health concerns. Christine said that her mother was diagnosed with cancer, which caused her to drop out of school.

The reality star admitted:

“I had a mother who was terribly unwell — she had cancer twice, first when she was 40 and again a year later, and she has had many health concerns since then.” I needed to be homeschooled in order to spend more time with my mum. It was difficult since I missed the interaction of school and I needed to mature rapidly.”

3) Christine Quinn studied acting before joining The Oppenheim Group.

Christine has created a reputation for herself in the real estate industry. Viewers have observed the star’s rise as a member of The Oppenheim Group since her debut on the first season of the Netflix program. Many people are unaware that she formerly worked in acting and modeling before moving into real estate. According to her IMDb website, the reality star has appeared in a number of films and television episodes since 2010. Her significant television appearances include Drop Dead Diva, Angie Tribeca, and NCIS: Los Angeles. She has also appeared in films such as Hot Tub Time Machine 2, The Perfect Match, Ghost of Goodnight Lane, and many more.

4) The star of Selling Sunset does not have a high school diploma.

Christine Quinn, whose net worth is $500,000, does not have a high school certificate, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The actress stated to Vogue that she is “very nervous” about not having a certificate. However, she chose to speak out about it in order to motivate those who, like her, were unable to get an education.

Christine admitted:

“I’ve never said publicly that I don’t have a high school diploma.” I’m quite self-conscious about it. I don’t want people to believe that a credential is required for success.”

Christine Quinn

5) Christine Quinn met her spouse in an unexpected place.

In the first season of the reality program, viewers met the Selling Sunset star’s spouse Christian Richard. She was seen getting off a private plane with him with a rock-sized diamond on her finger in the second season opener. In an interview with Refinery29, she revealed how she met her spouse in the most unexpected manner. Christine claimed that her buddy had gone on a date with him before she was introduced to him. They quickly fell in love.

She told her tale as follows:

“My girlfriend went on a date with him and said, ‘Hey, I went on a date with this man who I really don’t like.’” I know you’re single; you may want to date him.’ “As a result, I went on a date with him after she did.”

6) Christine Quinn is well-known for her generosity.

In an interview with People, the Selling Sunset actress discussed “giving back.” She added that she sometimes does Instagram giveaways in which she provides money to individuals she doesn’t know.

In terms of future charity endeavors, Christine stated:

“I just purchased a laptop for a 13-year-old girl who manages all of my fan accounts.” I bought an iPhone for one of the females who runs another fan account, so I’m assisting students in getting to school. I do a lot of things for females that no one ever sees.”

The team has yet to announce a launch date for Selling Sunset, which has been renewed for two more seasons. Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young will join Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Romain Bonnet, Heather Rae El Mousa, Amanza Smith, Davina Potratz, Emma Hernan, and Vanessa Villela in the cast. Keep an eye on this area for updates on Selling Sunset on Netflix.

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