“Seeking Sister Wife” Fans Were Not Taken Aback By Roberta’s Scam

Garrick and Danielle confessed on Seeking Sister Wife tonight that Roberta had broken up with them via a text. Danielle sobbed as she read the note, saying she only cared about Garrick’s money and had never loved or treated her like a sister. According to the correspondence, Roberta felt excluded from the current trip and was irritated that their interactions with other possible sister wives extended beyond dinner and drinks. She said that it was not appropriate in her culture and that it was causing her headache. Danielle’s clothing had to be removed from the sister’s shared room by the couple. They believed she had harmed them, their family, and their children.

They were surprised that she had not informed them of her choice, but Garrick later disclosed the true reason in front of their family. He said that she had requested $9800 and that she had broken up with them as soon as the transaction was completed.

Roberta had previously received monthly payments of thousands of dollars from the couple. Some family members were outraged with the couple, while others were angry with Roberta. Danielle’s brother predicted that Roberta would not return. After their romance ended, the couple began to see red signals.


Danielle and Garrick had already divorced so that Garrick could legally marry Roberta when she arrived in the United States. Fans of Seeking Sister Wives were not shocked when Roberta did not return, claiming she had just exploited the couple for their money.

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife had foreseen Roberta’s deception.

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife suspected Danielle and Garrick’s second sister wife, Roberta, of manipulating them for money and suspected her of pulling together a major fraud.

What happened tonight on Seeking Sister Wife?

April, Jennifer, and Nick enjoyed a polygamous wedding ceremony with their new sister’s wife, Danielle, tonight on Seeking Sister Wife. There were three brides at the altar instead of one. Nick’s kid was overjoyed to see his new stepmother. The women wore identical outfits but in various fashions to emphasize their individuality throughout the event.

According to the episode synopsis,

“After seeing sister wife-to-be Roberta in Brazil, the Merrifields excitedly await her arrival; the Davises hope everything goes as planned as they put together a commitment ceremony to commemorate their marriage with Danielle.”


Many of April’s family members did not attend her wedding and have not talked to her since she entered the polygamous society. Danielle said that she had never experienced love before, while Nick stated that it was as if his dream had come true. The pair is presently seeking for a spouse for Danielle to marry and start a family with Nick. Danielle and Garrick are presently in Mexico looking for another sister’s wife. TLC has yet to announce Seeking Sister Wife Season 5, but fans can’t get enough of the drama.

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