Savannah LaBrant Ex-Boyfriend Passed Away At The Age Of 29

Tommy Smith, Savannah LaBrant’s ex, died on September 9, 2022. Smith was the biological father of Savannah’s 10-year-old daughter Everleigh. Savannah, who is now married to Cody LaBrant, has been upfront about co-parenting Everleigh with Smith. Savannah LaBrant posted this snapshot of Smith and Everleigh on her Instagram account on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. She added in the post’s caption:

“Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the passing of Everleigh’s father, Tommy.” He was smitten with Everleigh. We respectfully want privacy at this terrible time so that our family may continue to love on Ev, pray for her, and mourn with her. “Thank you very much for your prayers for Everleigh.”

Coutney Santaella, Tommy Smith’s girlfriend, also turned to social media to mourn the loss of her 29-year-old partner. She sent a slideshow of photos and videos of the two enjoying time together. Santaella said in the caption that Smith was “taken abruptly to be with Jesus.” Tommy’s sister Amber also announced her brother’s death on her Facebook page. The Smith family has yet to release an official cause of death.

Savannah LaBrant

Everything you need to know about Savannah LaBrant’s ex-partner Tommy Smith.

Thomas Walter “Tommy” Smith was a California native who worked for Khandroo Designs, an architectural and design business. He formerly worked at Inter-Sky engineering. Smith amassed a significant social media following as a result of his relationship with Savannah LaBrant, the matriarch of The LaBrant Fam, a family of YouTubers headquartered in California. He has over 97.3k Instagram followers, where he used to post photographs of his everyday life and snaps from his time co-parenting his daughter Everleigh. Smith adored the outdoors and was a continuous presence in his daughter’s life, according to his social media postings. Between 2012 and 2016, Tommy Smith and Savannah LaBrant dated on and off. Unfortunately, the two had a rocky relationship, and Savannah being pregnant at the age of 19 complicated matters even further.


Savannah has already discussed Smith on social media.

The YouTuber characterized Savannah’s connection with Smith as “toxic” in a video titled The Truth About Savannah’s Past. She did, however, admit that they finally found a happy method to co-parent their daughter Everleigh and were “friends.” Cody, Savannah’s husband, also said that Smith was “wonderful” with Everleigh.

Savannah LaBrant

Speculations regarding Tommy Smith’s death cause

At the time of writing, the reason for Smith’s death had not been made public. However, TiKToker @daisyjanewood told followers that Tommy Smith died as a result of a drug-related seizure, according to sources. She claimed online that Smith and his Alcoholics Anonymous companion unintentionally swallowed fentanyl, resulting in a seizure and cardiac arrest. It’s worth noting that no formal autopsy report has been released, thus these assertions are yet unproven.

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