Sarah Bolger Was Rumored to Be Pregnant With Her Former Partner

Sarah Bolger’s dating life has always been shrouded in mystery. She has been associated with a few guys in the entertainment sector. As a consequence, several have been identified as her lover, while others have been dismissed as just gossip.

Bolger said in 2009, shortly after turning 18, that she did not want to discuss her relationship or dating life. She revealed this to the Independent. She was not at ease with such discussions. Regardless of her comfort, Bolger’s personal life has always made news, to the point that she was thought to be pregnant with Freddie Highmore’s kid.

Sarah Bolger’s Ex-Boyfriend Freddie Highmore

Between 2006 and 2008, Bolger dated actor Highmore for almost two years. When the two were working on The Spiderwick Chronicles, Highmore allegedly became her boyfriend. While shooting the movie, sparks ignited between the two, and they apparently began dating thereafter. But, regrettably, their admirers and followers exaggerated their bond. Many people assumed that Bolger was pregnant by her lover, and the tales spread quickly. In an interview with the Independent, the actress refuted them. ie. In the interview, she admitted to having a boyfriend but did not identify him. A photo of them kissing circulated on Highmore’s fan club, Freddie Highmore Club.

Sarah Bolger

Many admirers reacted to the picture, with diverse reactions. Some were delighted for the pair, while others were unhappy with their connection. Bolger and Highmore split up in 2008, stating they were “too young” to pursue their relationship. Highmore has moved on and is now married. He has not, however, divulged the identity of his wife. Bolger, on the other hand, is said to have dated Julian Morris.

Sarah Bolger’s Relationship with Julian Morris

Bolger’s most recent known personal relationship was with Morris, whom she allegedly dated in 2012. They most likely met while they were cast members on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Princess Aurora was played by Bolger, while Prince Phillip was played by Morris. In the program, the two portrayed a couple, and in an odd twist, their on-screen emotional bond spilled over into the real world.

Sarah Bolger

It was soon revealed that the two were dating, and Morris was Bolger’s boyfriend. After that, though, the pair kept their relationship private and seldom spoke about it publicly. Unfortunately, it seems that the couple has split up. They have not confirmed whether or whether they are in a relationship. In recent years, the two have been noticeably absent from one other’s social media profiles, generating speculation about their relationship status.

Bolger seems to be alone and without a companion at the time. Her social media accounts do not suggest that she is in a relationship, and she has not spoken publicly about her personal life. On the other side, she may not want to draw attention to her partner and is skilled at keeping her relationships quiet and out of the public eye.

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