Sara Jane Ho Will Appear On “Mind Your Manners” As A Host And Coach

Sara Jane Ho, a world-renowned etiquette teacher, will teach manners in the new Mind Your Manners series. The six-part adventure will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at 3:01 a.m.

The new show’s synopsis is as follows:

“In this wonderful makeover series, international etiquette trainer Sara Jane Ho helps individuals become their best selves via excellent manners.”

Take Care of Your Manners Sara Jane Ho attended Harvard Business School.

‘Watch Your Manners.’ Sara Jane Ho is a worldwide etiquette leader for contemporary ladies all over the globe. She is on a mission in the program to inspire and encourage her pupils to be their best selves and to put people at ease through the use of manners and etiquette. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is someone who,

“Builds bridges between manners and culture in China and the West at a moment of global upheaval and strain.”

The Hong Kong Chinese native earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. She attended Phillips Exeter Academy for high school and then Georgetown University to study English literature. Sara formerly worked as an analyst at Morgan Stanley and Perella Weinberg Partners before launching her own company. In 2013, the entrepreneur established the Institute Sarita, China’s first etiquette school. Fast Company magazine named her school one of the “World’s Most Innovative 50 Companies” in 2014.

Sara Jane Ho

Sara was also named one of the “Forbes’ Women to Watch in Asia 2013” and one of the “BBC’s 100 Women 2015.” She is also the bestselling author of Finishing Touch: Good Manners for the Debutante in Chinese. Sara, the presenter of Mind Your Manners, is also the host of The Sara Show on Beijing Television. She also has a YouTube channel, The Sara Jane Ho Show, with over 9,000 followers.

Remember Your Manners Sara Jane Ho will assist pupils in shining.

Etiquette expert Sara Jane Ho will alter students’ lives on Mind Your Manners by teaching them manners and give them the “courage to flourish in every scenario.” The show’s synopsis is as follows:

“Have you ever pondered how to gracefully chop… a banana?” Mind Your Manners follows world-renowned etiquette instructor Sara Jane Ho as she uses the language of manners and etiquette to help her pupils become their best selves and put others at ease.”

It goes on,

“Be prepared to laugh, weep, and learn as Sara changes her pupils’ lives and gives them the courage to shine in every scenario – beginning with a reasonable piece of afternoon tea.” “Are your pinkies in or out?”

Sara Jane Ho

The promo video depicts people attending her lessons in order to transform their “mindset” and become their best selves. Sara states:

“I’m leading individuals on a self-discovery trip.” I bring out the best in individuals as an international etiquette instructor.”

Sara will go out of her way to aid every kid, showing them how to eat a banana, peel an orange, handle a fan, and dress correctly. She says in the sneak peek:

“Every class is distinct from the others. Every pupil is an individual. My approach is to assist my pupils in discovering their own knowledge and power. It’s humbling because they trusted me, which makes my job all the more significant. Come with me and you’ll know what to do with anybody, anyplace, and in any scenario.”

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