Sara Bareilles Announced Her Engagement With Her Long-Time Boyfriend Joe Tippett

Sara Bareilles announced her engagement to long-time lover and fellow actor Joe Tippett in an Instagram message to her 800k followers on New Year’s Day. In the post, Bareilles posted a sweet snapshot of the couple staring into one another’s eyes and added that Joe proposed to her and that her response was an easy and calm ‘yes’. The photo included a beautiful message that alluded to the influence he has had on her. It stated:

“The more I get to know you, the more I realize how much I adore you… and you’ve shown me pieces of myself I was terrified to adore. And because of you, I love myself even more. So it’s actually all about me.”

She went on:

“I’m joking. What a blessing you are. Allow the games to begin. With you, I’m going to go into everything.”

Sara Bareilles met Joe Tippett, her fiancé, in 2015.

Sara Bareilles notably composed the music and lyrics for the Waitress musical, which received four Tony Award nominations in 2016. She first met Joe Tippett in 2015, when he auditioned for a part in a Waitress workshop at the American Repertory Theater in Boston. He was eventually cast in the production as Earl. Tippett, on the other hand, did not join the Waitress cast on Broadway. After his now-fiancee concluded her tenure on the program, he joined the cast in 2017. Following the COVID-19 pandemic break, Joe and Sara resumed their roles as Earl and Jenna.

Sara Bareilles

According to her anniversary postings, the couple started dating in September 2016. They first appeared in public in 2017, and Bareilles even bragged about how the Broadway musical brought them together. The couple has been living together for a few years, and Sara Bareilles has said that it was a significant thing for her since she had never lived with a boyfriend before. Bareilles even mentioned how fortunate she was to have Tippett as a companion when she was recuperating from Covid in July 2020. She stated:

“He performed an excellent job of looking after me. Throughout it all, he was a fantastic friend and companion.”

Sara Bareilles

On their third year anniversary of dating, Bareilles shared their relationship on Instagram, writing, “It’s been three years. It seems to be three hundred! I can’t wait for it to end “Fans instantly speculated on whether the couple was engaged. Sara explained to the wondering minds that they were just “in love.”

Sara Bareilles and Joe Tippett acquired a tiny puppy called Louie in early 2022, forming a small family for themselves.

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