Sam Harris Just Revealed His Thoughts About Hunter Biden’s Laptop And Trump’s 2020 Re-Election

Sam Harris, a philosopher, and the author have revealed some surprising findings concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop incident and Donald Trump’s re-election in 2020.

He said on the Triggernometry podcast:

“Hunter Biden might have had the bodies of children in his basement and I wouldn’t have cared.” There isn’t anything, it’s Hunter Biden, not Joe Biden.”

He went on to say that even if Joe Biden was engaged in an alleged corruption, the amount was “infinitesimal” in comparison to the alleged corruptions in which Trump was involved. Harris continued:

“Whatever the breadth of Joe Biden’s criminality is, we could simply keep going down that rabbit hole and realize that he’s collecting kickbacks from Hunter Biden’s business in Ukraine or anywhere else, right?” Or even China. It pales in comparison to the corruption we know Trump is engaged in.”

Harris further compared the two situations to “the firefly and the sun,” and said that Trump University is “worse” than anything discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop:

“It doesn’t even come close to Trump University.” On my opinion, Trump University is a much worse scandal than anything in Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

The philosopher went on to say that the banning of Hunder Biden’s New York Post laptop report was a “left-wing plot” to prevent Trump from being re-elected president. He did, however, assert that the action was “warranted,” saying:

“However, it doesn’t address those who argue, ‘It’s still utterly unjust to have not looked at the laptop in a timely manner and to have taken down the New York Post’s Twitter account.’” That is a left-wing plot to deny Donald Trump the presidency.’ It certainly was. But I believe it was justified.”

Harris’ interview quickly went viral on social media, sparking a controversy among netizens.

Twitter responds to Sam Harris’ comments on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Hunter and Joe Biden made news throughout the world when The New York Post published a story including emails from the former’s laptop. The claimed emails showed Joe and Hunter Biden meeting with a CEO from Burisma, a Ukrainian energy business. Following the publishing of the article, The New York Post’s Twitter account was closed for seven days, escalating the debate. Since the occurrence, the subject has been a hotly debated issue on the internet. More recently, Sam Harris’s take on the issue surrounding Donald Trump’s re-election in 2020 reignited the debate on social media. Several individuals flocked to Twitter to express their thoughts on Harris’ interview.

Sam Harris

While some argued that Sam Harris’s comments made little sense, others agreed with his assessment of former US President Donald Trump. As the internet response to his views intensified, Harris moved to Twitter to defend his words. He went on to say that on the podcast, he was debating about the “principle of self-defense.” Sam Harris responded with a series of tweets that explained and defended his remarks.

He also spoke out regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop incident, saying it was a “very difficult call, morally and journalistically.” Sam Harris ended his post by claiming that nothing he said on the podcast meant “that the Democrats would have been justified in committing electoral fraud or using other unlawful actions to deny Trump the presidency.” He also said that he did not believe the Democrats supported such a move.

Everything you need to know about Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a philosopher, author, and podcaster from the United States. He was born in Los Angeles on April 9, 1967, to TV writer and producer Susan Harris and actor Berkeley Harris. In 2000, he received his bachelor of arts in philosophy from Stanford University, and in 2009, he received his Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience from the University of California. According to his official profile, Harris has also practiced meditation for over 30 years under the tutelage of several Tibetan, Indian, Burmese, and Western masters. In the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, he started writing his first book, The End of Faith.

The book was released in 2004 and spent 33 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list. It also received the 2005 PEN Award for nonfiction. Other New York Times Best Sellers by Sam Harris include Letter to a Christian Nation, The Moral Landscape, Free Will, Lying, Waking Up, and Islam and the Future of Tolerance. Harris has written for newspapers such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The London Times, The Economist, The Boston Globe, and The Atlantic, in addition to his novels.

Sam Harris

The bulk of Harris’ work focuses on philosophy, neuroscience, and religious critique. In his writing, he has also addressed issues such as ethics, free will, rationality, politics, AI, terrorism, meditation, and psychedelics. Sam Harris is well renowned as a religious critic. Along with Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett, he has been dubbed one of the “Four Horsemen of New Atheism.” Harris also hosts the famous Making Sense podcast (previously Waking Up) and is the creator of the Waking Up with Sam Harris meditation app. He is said to be one of the claimed founding members of the “Intellectual Dark Web.”

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