Saida Mouh- All About The Mother Of Achraf Hakimi

Saida Mouh is the adored mother of one of the world’s top full-backs, Achraf Hakimi, who plays for PSG and the Moroccan national team. Saida is a native of Ksar El Kebir.

Quick Facts

Full Name Saida Mouh
First Name Saida
Last Name Mouh
Profession Celebrity Mother
Nationality Moroccan
Birth City Ksar El Kebir
Birth Country Morocco
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Taurus
Marital Status Married
Spouse Hassan Hakimi
No Of Children 3
Religion Muslim
Date of Birth May 6

Saida and her spouse are both Moroccan.

Saida has been married to Hassan Hakimi for a long time. She and her spouse are both Moroccan. Before the birth of their three children, two boys, Nabil and Achraf, and a girl, Ouidad, they emigrated to Spain in hopes of a brighter future. However, living in Spain was not easy either, as both battled to make ends meet. Despite the fact that her husband worked as a street seller and she worked as a cleaner in other people’s homes, they were able to create a joyful upbringing for their children.

In an interview, Achraf described his upbringing as pleasant and full of love, even if there were tough periods as his parents strived to provide the best for him and his brothers. He said that he lacks the words to express his gratitude for the sacrifices they made to put him in the position he is in today.

Saida Mouh

The motivation behind his son’s choice to play for Morocco

Her son, who was born in the Madrid outskirts, chose to play for Morocco’s national team. His Moroccan culture is the explanation behind this. He claims to be a devout Muslim who grew up speaking Arabic and eating Moroccan cuisine. He watched the games in Morocco with his father, who taught him about the great Moroccan players.

He was 14 when he received a call from Morocco, and he didn’t hesitate since he had always wanted to play for Morocco. Later, he had relations with Spain, but he picked Morocco. One of the most intense sensations Achraf has had in his career was playing for the national team in the 2018 World Cup, which has been his greatest desire since boyhood. He believes Moroccan fans make him very happy. He wants to express his thanks to them by giving his all in every game.

Her prayers are crucial for his kid.

Saida said in an interview that her son Achraf urges her to pray for him and the team’s victory before every match. It’s something he does with her every time, under duress, in secrecy, and with no one knowing. Achraf claims that he is always a winner and a competitor, even in his personal life and with his friends. Even when he’s playing on the PlayStation or whatever, he despises losing and becomes unhappy. He aspires to be a winner and a competitor in both his professional and personal lives.

Her daughter-in-law is a model.

Achraf is married to Hiba Abouk, a Spanish-Tunisian actress best known for her participation in the television series El Principe. Achraf was just 22 when he became a parent for the first time, with the birth of their first child, Amin, in 2020. After the birth of their second son Niam in 2022, the couple became parents for the second time.

Saida Mouh

Abouk explained the key to their happy lives in an interview with Vogue Arabia. She said that they would continue to conserve their energy for a relationship, their boys, their origins, their faith, and anything else that makes them happy.

Net Worth

Her net is presently being examined. We now know the net worth of her illustrious son. His net worth is reported to be in the $11 million range as of January 2023.

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