Ryan Reynolds Expresses His Admiration For BTS And Stray Kids On Twitter

Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool, has once again expressed his admiration for BTS and Stray Kids. On Twitter, he lets his inner K-pop fan out when ARMYs and STAYs. I noticed him liking two messages about the groups. Fans have realized that the days-old tweets aren’t there by accident because they’re still in his Likes section.

In the past, the Canadian actor has expressed his affection for various K-pop idols such as EXO. HyunA, and Eric Nam. Ryan Reynolds is fulfilling every K-pop fan’s dream, from photoshopping himself as an EXO member to a Deadpool photoshoot with HyunA. His most recent Twitter incursion revealed that he is a K-pop enthusiast beneath the actor’s image.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds shows his love for BTS.

According to fans, Ryan Reynolds is like tweets about BTS and Stray Kids.

Ryan Reynolds, an A-list Hollywood actor, liked tweets about the two current hot K-pop groups, BTS and Stray Kids, a few days ago. The event was discovered after fans of the band noticed the posts on his Twitter account’s Likes section. It didn’t come as a surprise, given that he had previously expressed his affection for K-pop groups, but it caught them off guard.

BTS’ Jimin’s concert countdown post was one of the two tweets the actor liked. The idol captioned two selfies with “D-4.” Wait a little longer. #JIMIN #PTD ON STAGE SEOL #IfWeAreTogeth WeDontNeedPermission.”

The other was a Stray Kids fan translation account that was live-tweeting leader Bang Chan’s Chan’s Room Ep. 147. During the live stream, the idol discussed the gift he received from Reynolds: a bottle of Aviation American Gin, which he co-founded.

The leader stated that the gin’s smell was too powerful for him, so while he doesn’t drink it because it is a “prized property,” he does take a whiff of it whenever he is sleepy.

Reynolds and Stray Kids became acquainted after the actor noticed a fan edit video. A clip from Deadpool has been linked to a scene. From the group’s Deadpool-inspired performance of God’s DDU-DU DDU-DU on Mnet’s Kingdom.

The actor then sent the leader a signature Aviation Gin, who sent him an autographed record. Fans were pleasantly surprised when the star subscribed to his Bubble account.

Reynolds previously revealed that he was a BTS fan by liking Jungkook’s exercise video. Though the actor did not state it, the group’s tweets convinced followers he was an ARMY member.

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