Ruger Was Sexually Assaulted By A Female Fan During His Stage Performance

Ruger, a popular Nigerian Afrobeat artist, recently made news after storming off the stage mid-performance. During his performance, the musician was s*xually molested by a female admirer, who surprised everyone in the audience by grasping his privates. The artist was enraged by what had occurred, and he stared at the fan for long minutes before starting his performance.

Details about what happened with Ruger

The artist performed his song, Dior. He then moved closer to the edge of the stage when a female fan attempted to harass him. The woman grabbed his privates improperly, forcing him to struggle with the remainder of his performance. He jerked her hand away, holding it with a severe disapproving expression on his face and off the stage.


The event was also captured on camera. Meanwhile, in another video, the woman proceeded as if nothing had occurred and showed no remorse for her conduct. Following the event, supporters were outraged and aired their outrage on social media, denouncing the move.

Tony Elumelu gets surprised on his birthday by Ruger.

The singer recently earned fame after surprising Tony Elumelu on his birthday with a performance. Elumelu stepped into a crowd of workers waiting for him at the reception and was taken aback when Ruger appeared and started singing for him. The entrepreneur was even more caught aback by the music choice when he confessed that he had lately listened to it. Elumelu was treated to a stunning surprise performance, which was met with applause by his crew, who had caught the occasion on their phones.

All About Ruger

The vocalist rose to prominence in 2021 after securing a record contract with D’Prince Jonzing World Record, as well as publishing and distribution deals with Columbia Records and Sony Music Entertainment UK Division. Pandemic, his first EP, was released in March 2021. Bounce, one of the EP’s tracks, went on to become a significant smash, reaching the 39th spot on the Top 50 list. It then debuted at number 20 on the Turntable End of the Year list.


His second EP, The Second Wave, was published in November 2021. Dior, the album’s first single, peaked at number 32 on the Top 50 list and number 15 on the UK Afrobeats Singles Chart. The vocalist began singing at an early age and was a part of his school band. He subsequently started writing songs and singing them at performances and school gatherings. D’Prince presented the musician to the public, who publicized his singing to Jonzing World and Sony Music Entertainment UK.

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