Ruby Guest- All About The Daughter Of Jamie Lee Curtis

Ruby Guest is the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis, an American actress. She is the adoptive daughter of Jamie Lee and her husband, American-British screenwriter, composer, actor, and musician Christopher Guest. Ruby works as a video editor for a YouTube gaming star.

Quick Facts

Full Name Ruby Guest
First Name Ruby
Last Name Guest
Profession Celebrity Child
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Christopher Guest
Father Profession Screenwriter, Composer, Musician, actor
Mother Name Jamie Lee Curtis
Mother Profession Actor, writer, author
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation transgender
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kynthia
Sibilings Annie Guest
Date of Birth 1996
Married Date May 29, 2022

Came out as a transgender person.

Ruby came out as transgender in the year 2020. Ruby and her mother, Jamie Lee, spoke with People about her path of coming out as a transgender person, and Ruby explained what it felt like to come out for the first time. It was frightening for Ruby since she was about to reveal something about herself that they didn’t know. It was daunting, but she was unconcerned since she had nothing to worry about because she had her parents’ support, who had been so tolerant of her, she said in an interview.

Jamie Lee said that she is new to speaking a new language, vocabulary, and terms. She is not someone who pretends to know a lot about things, and she will blunder and make errors. She went on to say that she would wish to avoid making major blunders. Ruby was approximately 16 years old when a transsexual friend inquired about her gender. She told them she was male, but she knew she was different due to her unpleasant treatment experience, and she was terrified to come out.

She has a younger sister.

Ruby has an older sister named Annie who is 10 years her senior. Annie, like Ruby, is an adoptive kid. Despite being celebrities’ offspring, Annie and Ruby choose a secluded existence.

Ruby Guest


On May 29, 2022, Ruby married her fiancée Kynthia. Her mother, Jamie Lee, performed her wedding in the family garden, which was styled after World of Warcraft. Jamie Lee used Instagram to post photos of a wedded couple with the message, “Yes, they do and did!” Married! 5/29/2022 Ruby and Kynthia. Jamie mentioned Ruby’s Cosplay wedding to her fiancé when appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live in March to promote her new film Everything Everywhere All at Once.

She stated her oldest daughter Annie married her husband Jason Wolf in the garden three years ago, and her youngest daughter Ruby and Kynthia were being married in the backyard in May, and she would officiate. Ruby also claimed that they were planning a cosplay wedding in which everyone would dress up and she would perform the ceremony in character. She also said that they were planning a lovely picnic and that the fact that both of her children will get married in her garden would make her cry. Ruby and Kynthia went shopping for a costume for her. She was dressed as Jaina Proudmoore.

Her parents had only known one other for four months before marrying. Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest, her parents, have been happily married since 1984. During an interview with Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Jamie Lee discussed how she met her future spouse and how they married. According to Jamie Lee, she noticed a photo of three guys with their arms around each other in 1984 while flipping the page of a Rolling Stone magazine.

She told Debra Hill, pointing to the image on the right, that she was going to marry him, to which Debra replied that he was an actor named Christopher Guest. Jamie had never seen someone like him before. Debra then revealed that he worked for her agency. She stated she phoned his agency the following day and left her phone number, but Christopher never called her. So she dated someone else for a few months before breaking up with him. She drove that individual to the airport before picking up Melanie Griffith and her then-husband Steven Bauer, following which the three of them headed to Hugo’s in West Hollywood.

Ruby Guest

Her gaze caught Christopher’s, who was seated two tables away and waved to her, to which she reacted by waving back. He departed two minutes later, but he phoned her the following day. Christopher was on his way to perform on “Saturday Night Live.” He went away for a year. She was working on the film “Perfect” at the time. They proposed on September 13 and married in December of the same year. She also said that they had known one other for four months but had only spent three days together.

Net Worth

Her precise net worth is presently being determined. We currently have her parents’ combined net worth. Her parents, Jamie Lee and Christopher, have a combined net worth of $60 million.

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