Romeo Santos Revealed That He Is Expecting His Fourth Child With His New Music Video

For the fourth time, Romeo Santos is about to become a parent. He revealed the news in an unusual way, with the music video for his newest song, Solo Conmigo. Santos is shown in the song video caressing his partner’s baby belly. The song’s lyrics state:

“I can’t erase your past or who came before me. He who laughs last laughs best, as the adage goes. Although others had contact with your body, only I had access to your soul. You squandered sentiments, nobody understood you, and there were so many footsteps on your bed. But it was my hand that sealed your heart.”

While Santos has always liked to keep his personal life private, he recently uploaded a video of an ultrasound, hinting that he and his girlfriend were expecting a kid.

Romeo Santos is the father of three children.

Over the years, Romeo Santos has received a reputation for his immaculate work in the entertainment sector. He is, nonetheless, a family guy with three children.

Alex Damian Santos

Alex, Romeo’s oldest kid, was born in 2002, according to reports. Santos has never disclosed the name of Alex’s mother. Romeo has claimed many times that he struggled to be the best parent he could be, and during an interview on The Breakfast Club, he remarked that he was still a child when his first son was born.

Romeo Santos

He claimed that he was not romantically involved with anybody and that everything occurred by chance. He went on to say:

“I’ve had a wonderful friendship with Alex for over a decade. You must be there for your children in every way. My profession keeps me quite busy, and sometimes I attempt to balance both and wind up working more. I’m a far better person than I used to be.”

Valentino Santos

Santos disclosed the birth of his second kid in a now-deleted Instagram post dated March 2019. According to Billboard, he uploaded a snapshot of his new album with his son’s foot on top of it. Romeo has kept Valentino out of the spotlight, but in 2020, he shared a video of himself playing with Valentino at home. Romeo also asked everyone to remain at home to help stop the spread of Covid-19 in the same video.

Santos Solano

Solano Santos, Romeo Santos’s youngest kid, was born in 2021. He broke the news on Instagram with two black and white photos, the first of which revealed his pregnant spouse and the second of which displayed the baby’s foot.

Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos explains why he keeps his private life secret.

In an interview with Hola! USA last year, Romeo Santos said that he has always chosen to keep his personal life private. He argued that an artist has the freedom to choose what he wants to reveal to the world. He went on to say:

“I realize that some people want to see more, but that is something that I determine, and when my children desire, they will have the opportunity to go out and introduce themselves. I questioned my oldest son first before revealing his identity. Alex made the choice.”

The 41-year-old old’s recent album, Formula Vol. 3, was published in September. It debuted at number ten on the US Billboard 200 and includes 21 songs.

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