Rolling Ray Posted A Video Of Himself In A Wheelchair

Rolling Ray, an internet celebrity and singer, has returned to social media after an unexpected sabbatical in January due to a COVID-19 infection. Though the artist is still alive, rumors circulated that he had died. His organization did neither confirm nor deny his death, making supporters further concerned about his condition.

On April 5, the social media celebrity tweeted a video of himself in a wheelchair to his Twitter account. The right part of his hair was shaved, with the words “NOT DEAD” written on it. The rapper exited an elevator and said that he was not dead. He turned to face the camera and said:

“Oh. Wait? I’m not gone. It never gave up the ghost. Never ever play with me. I’m Rolling Ray, the world’s most renowned kid in a wheelchair, and it’s still doing what it’s intended to provide, puurrr!”

Rolling Ray

Why is Rolling Ray confined to a wheelchair?

Various stories about the singer being in a wheelchair have been spreading on social media. The musician was reportedly hospitalized in September 2018 after being struck by a vehicle while crossing the street. As a result, he is now confined to a wheelchair. Rolling Ray’s Twitter account also posted a photo of him in a hospital bed with a motorized wheelchair at his side, “confirming” the accident. The tweet stated:

A few days after the tragedy, Rolling Ray tweeted that the folks who wished he would die were “furious” because he was still alive because “it wasn’t my time!” He further claimed that while he was in the hospital, music icons Beyoncé and Jay-Z contacted him and advised him to “keep his head up” and disregard the trolls who believed the event was a publicity hoax.

Rolling Ray

Following the release of Saucy Santana’s diss hit Walk, Ray’s fans suspected that he was born with a handicap. The latter published the song on National Disability Day, which sparked online speculation that it was about him. In reaction to Santana’s song, Ray posted a message on social media stating that the difficulties that people with disabilities encounter are something that should be acknowledged. He also placed the light on not just the physical but also the mental health issues that wheelchair users encounter. The post stated:

Ray rose to prominence on the internet after his participation in MTV’s Catfish: Trolls. The episode in which he featured depicted his feud with his other internet foe, Camyonce.

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