Roger Golubski A Former Detective Is Charged With Drug Trafficking

On Monday, November 14, Kansas authorities revealed that 69-year-old former Kansas City detective Roger Golubski had been charged with drug trafficking. According to Fox, Golubski, along with his accomplices LeMark Roberson, Richard Robinson, and suspected drug dealer Cecil Brooks, was accused of planning to hold a woman hostage and exploited her for “involuntary s*xual slavery.”

The allegations stem from an alleged criminal case in Kansas City in the late 1990s and early 2000s. According to NBC, Roger Golubski used his position as a law enforcement official to assist Brooks and his colleagues in abusing female victims, one of whom was just 13 years old.

More information on Roger Golubski’s accusations

According to CNN, the charges against Golubski came in 2016 after his alleged role in the double murder conviction of Lamonte McIntyre, who had been in jail since he was 17 years old in 1993. McIntyre was freed in 2017 when a District Attorney reassessed his case. Following his release from jail, the ex-convict sued many Kansas City cops, including Golubski, claiming corruption and malfeasance.

Roger Golubski

McIntyre and his mother charged the latter with assault, as well as coercing a confession from McIntyre in relation to the double murder conviction. According to the complaint, Golubski and other cops were involved with narcotics dealer Cecil Brooks, who allegedly paid them for protection. In addition, the former investigator was accused of exploiting young black women and putting them into Brooks’ alleged human trafficking organization. According to the accusation, Roger Golubski would target young black girls from problematic households before shutting them up in a Kansas City apartment and forcing them to engage in illicit relationships with males. According to CNN, in exchange for safeguarding Brooks, Golubski got not just money but also unpaid access to the young girls who had been coerced into the trafficking network.

When the anonymous victims refused Golubski’s requests, he threatened or assaulted them with the help of suspects Richard “Bone” Robinson and LeMark Roberson. According to Kansas City investigators, one of the victims reported that Golubski struck her, yanked her hair, and physically assaulted her when she was 16. In reaction to the claims, Team Roc, a social justice organization championed by famed musician Jay-Z, said that the charges leveled against Golubski and other Kansas City police were “heinous.”

Roger Golubski

“(This is) one of the greatest instances of power abuse in American history.”

Democrat Kansas State Senator Cindy Hoscher confirmed the arrest, adding that Golubski has a history of wrongdoing.

Her statement read as follows:

“All honor and glory to God!” Roger Golubski’s arrest has been a long time coming.”

Golubski has pled “not guilty” to the accusations leveled against him.

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