Rodolfo Beban Passed Away At The Age Of 84

Rodolfo Beban, an Argentine actor, died on August 13, 2022, after a lengthy illness. He was 84. His reason for death is still unclear. The Argentine Association of Actors verified Beban’s demination. According to a tweet from their official Twitter account:

“We bid farewell to actor and director Rodolfo Beban with tremendous grief. His illustrious creative career includes works in cinema, theater, and television. Since 1962, they have been a member of our union. In this terrible time, we stand with his children, family, and loved ones.”

Beban rose to prominence as a result of his successful career in theater and television. He was most remembered for his portrayal as the protagonist in Leonardo Favio’s 1973 film Juan Moreira. The film was critically lauded, establishing him as one of Argentina’s most accomplished performers of his time.

Everything you need to know about Rodolfo Beban

Rodolfo Beban, the son of famed actor Miguel Beban, was born on May 25, 1938. Despite this, Beban grew up in a household where no one was permitted to pursue a profession in acting. This was largely due to his mother’s admission that theater had wrecked her marriage. As a consequence, Beban made the decision to become an aviation pilot. However, when driving by the Moron Municipal Theater with a friend one day, he saw a banner that stated, “Extras required for Fuenteovejuna.” He started out as an extra before being cast as the lead in a play called Musica en la noche. Following that, he began taking theatrical courses.

Rodolfo Beban

He finally rose to prominence as a result of his many theatrical performances. He played the lead in many shows, including The Strange Couple, Let’s Live a Dream, The Butterflies Are Free, and Diario de un Loco, which was directed by his father. Rodolfo subsequently moved on to television, where he acted in telenovelas such as El amor tu cara de mujer, Malevo, and Four Men for Eva. Because of his popularity, albums featuring collectable images of him were also made available to admirers.

Despite his celebrity, Beban claims that fame has taken away several of his hobbies, like attending to milongas and competing in fencing events. Beban also acted in a number of films, the most notable of which being Juan Moreira, directed by Leonardo Favio. The picture has the distinction of being one of the biggest grossing films in Argentina. The process to Infamy, Los Orilleros, The Invitation, Personal Security, and other works are among his most popular.

Private life

Rudolf Beban was formerly in a relationship with model Liz Amaral Paz, with whom he had a daughter called Dolores. He later married Claudia Lapaco, with whom he was married for six years. Rodrigo and Diego were raised by Beban and Lapaco. He met Gabriela Gilli while working on the telenovela Malevo, and the couple had three children: Facundo, Daniela, and Pedro. Gilli, on the other hand, died in December 1991 of heart failure. Beban later met Adriana Castro, with whom he was in a relationship until 1995.

Rodolfo Beban

Twitter users pay tribute

Rodolfo Beban rose to prominence in the entertainment world due to his faultless performances on stage and cinema. When word of his death spread, Twitter was inundated with tributes:

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