Robyn Griggs Passed Away At The Age Of 49 After A Long Battle With Cancer

Robyn Griggs, a well-known actress, died on August 13 at the age of 49. The news was shared through a Facebook post on her profile, which stated:

“It is with great sadness that I announce Robyn’s death. However, she is no longer in pain and would want us to remember that as well as the positive memories. I’ll never forget how open she was to discussing her tale and how welcoming she was of my assistance. She wanted to assist individuals while also spreading the word about her tale. It was an honor for me to do so. RIP, dear buddy; I miss you and smile every time I think about you.”

The well-known celebrity died of cervical cancer and had entered hospice care before to her death. She revealed a few weeks ago that she had four new tumors and needed chemotherapy due to her health difficulties.

Maggie Cory was the name of Robyn Griggs’ character in Another World.

From 1993 to 1995, Robyn Griggs portrayed Maggie Cory in the NBC soap series Another World. From May 1964 until June 1999, the program was created by Irna Phillips and William J. Bell and ran for 35 seasons with 8,891 episodes. The original timeframe for each episode was 30 minutes, but it was eventually increased to 60 minutes and finally to 90 minutes.

Robyn Griggs

It was the first series to confront abortion, and it was also the first to result in a crossover and spin-offs. The show’s theme tune also topped the Billboard charts. Griggs, who was born on April 30, 1973, began her career as Molly in the Broadway musical Annie and then presented the Nickelodeon series Rated K. Robyn Griggs rose to prominence after appearing in the ABC serial drama One Life to Live in 1991. She appeared in six episodes as Stephanie Hobart and was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her performance.

Other Works

She rose to prominence after acting on the NBC sitcom Another World. She was, however, fired from the program in 1995. When she appeared on Hard Copy, she said that it was because of her friendship with John Wayne Bobbitt. She claimed that John was a friend of hers, but the producers said that they intended to take the part on a different path.

Robyn Griggs

When asked about her experience working in soap operas, she said that it taught her a lot of discipline and made her realize that she can play any part while taking the time to understand the character. She has also featured in films such as Severe Injuries, The Absence of Light, Hellweek, Dead Clowns, and others. Her spouse, Mark Wiley, survives Griggs. The couple married in 2013 and did not have any children.

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