Rina Sawayama Controversy: What Did She Say? Scandal & Racist Comments

During her performance, Rina Sawayama addressed the topic of racist statements, naming a particular person for their previous racist remarks. Rina Sawayama recently took a strong stance against Matty Healy, the frontman of 1975, during a performance at the Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom.

During her performance, Sawayama alluded to certain scandals surrounding him without saying Healy’s name. She dedicated her song “STFU” to Healy, highlighting his role in racially offensive occurrences. This article will go into depth about Sawayama’s remarks, the debate around Healy, and the subsequent controversy and scandal.

What Did Rina Sawayama Say About Racism?

During her stunning performance, Rina Sawayama utilized her platform to expose racist remarks made by a specific person. Rina addressed the problem of microaggressions and racism at her Glastonbury Festival performance, criticizing a white guy without overtly identifying Matty Healy.

“I wrote this next song because I was sick and tired of these microaggressions,” she said. So, tonight, this is for a white dude who listens to ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ and mocks Asian people on a podcast. He is also the owner of my master’s. “I’ve had it!”

Rina Sawayama

Sawayama emphasized that she was addressing the 1975 frontman by pointing to Healy’s controversies. She brought out specific instances, such as Healy’s remarks regarding rapper Ice Spice during an appearance on “The Adam Friedland Show.” Healy made disparaging remarks about Ice Spice, referring to her as an “Inuit Spice Girl” and a “chubby Chinese lady” while ridiculing her Asian accent. Sawayama also emphasized Healy’s role in master ownership, suggesting a power dynamic in their business relationship.

Details on the Rina Sawayama Scandal

The controversy over Rina Sawayama’s statements and subsequent criticism of Matty Healy has drawn emphasis on the problem of racial insensitivity in the music business. The episodes mentioned by Sawayama show Healy’s habit of racially insensitive conduct, which has caused indignation and censure from fans and the wider public. Healy’s remarks on “The Adam Friedland Show” on Ice Spice were heavily criticized for reinforcing racial stereotypes and fostering racist sentiments.

His use of harsh language and ridicule of Asian accents is disrespectful because it fosters damaging stereotypes that contribute to Asian communities’ marginalization. Furthermore, Sawayama’s remark about Healy’s ownership of her masters adds to the situation’s ambiguity. Ownership of masters is a delicate topic in the music business, and artists often battle to preserve creative control over their work.

Rina Sawayama Controversy And Criticism

Some have chastised Sawayama for publicly addressing Healy without first giving him the opportunity to apologize or explain his behavior. Some feel that open debate and education are more effective ways to promote understanding and progress. It should be noted that Healy did apologize for his remarks on Ice Spice at a 1975 performance in New Zealand.

Rina Sawayama

Nonetheless, the consequences of his words and deeds are irreversible, and Sawayama’s dissatisfaction and rage represent widespread concerns among disenfranchised populations. The uproar over her criticism of Healy also calls into question the responsibility of record companies in addressing racial insensitivity and keeping their musicians responsible. Jamie Oborne, The 1975’s manager, has signed Sawayama and Healy to Dirty Hit Records.

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