Riley Roberts Got Engaged To A Congresswoman AOC

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) proposed to her long-term boyfriend, Riley Roberts, during a break between promoting progressive candidates and visiting Amazon union employees. On Thursday, she confirmed the news to Insider. They got engaged last month while visiting her parents’ homeland in Puerto Rico, according to the 32-year-old. She also said that the newly engaged pair was “taking some space to relish” their new relationship status before diving into wedding plans.

AOC also announced the news on Instagram and Twitter. She stated:


They allegedly met as students at Boston University. Riley Roberts studied sociology and finance, whereas Ocasio-Cortez studied economics and international relations. The pair met during a weekly topic-based conversation organized by the head of the institution. The couple dated in university but split up after graduation. According to Insider, Roberts has returned to his homeland of Arizona. They subsequently reconnected in New York.

Who is AOC’s fiance?

Riley Roberts works at HomeBinder, which describes itself as “an online home management platform for contemporary homeowners.” He also owns a user-experience consulting firm that assists start-ups in growing their businesses.

In a November 2018 Vogue feature of AOC, Roberts was characterized as:

“a laid-back redhead working in web development.”

In December 2020, a close friend of the Rep. informed Vanity Fair about the couple’s relationship:

“These were two uncomfortable, super smart guys who loved to speak about problems and met via this super-wonky, geeky thing.”

Riley Roberts

Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC author Josh Gondelman characterized Riley Roberts as:

“What we do know about Roberts does not match the cliché of a politician’s sidekick.” For state dinners and press appearances, he does not seem to be focus-grouped or media-trained. In private, we know he’s encouraging and helpful. And, in terms of public image, his competence is his elusiveness and reserve.”

Roberts has been assisting his then-girlfriend in her congressional campaign against Democratic Party Rep. Joe Crowley. Roberts allegedly went door-to-door collecting signatures to have her name on the ballot. During her campaign, he also made a $1,750 “in-kind gift” to her campaign fund while working on her website.

Riley Roberts

He also starred in the Netflix documentary Knock Down the House, which followed AOC’s 2018 election campaign. Riley Roberts seems to have the support of the representative’s parents as well. Blanca Ocasio-Cortez, her mother, said in a March 2019 interview that she “loves” Roberts. She also indicated a strong desire for the two to marry, saying:

“I know they like children and work well with family members’ children.” So I’m hoping they marry soon. Despite the fact that they haven’t informed me anything about their intentions.”

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