Rick Ross A Rapper Seems To Be Living The Cowboy Lifestyle At His Ranch

Rick Ross, the hustlin’ rapper, seems to be living the cowboy life at his ranch near Atlanta. Ross was given two buffaloes on March 18, which contributed to his cowboy-Esque lifestyle at the farm estate. The two creatures were also included in the 46-year-Instagram old’s tales. Ross got the two buffaloes as a present from Darius Burton, his business partner at Ethika, according to TMZ and PageSix. The rapper seemed to be overjoyed at the prospect of being the new owner of the buffaloes. Ross may be heard stating in the Instagram story video,

“Welcome back. “I adore you.”

Later, Burton admitted to TMZ that he intended to gift Ross a giraffe at first. The rapper, on the other hand, was not prepared for such a commitment. As a result, Burton agreed on two buffaloes as a present for Ross.

Rick Ross

According to PageSix, the buffaloes include the 5-year-old Champ, who weighs 2,000 pounds and stands roughly six feet two inches tall. The second buffalo, on the other hand, is just one year old and weighs 700 pounds. Rick Ross allegedly called the elder buffalo Timbuktu, while the smaller one, who is one year old, has yet to be named. According to TMZ, the buffaloes were brought in from Arkansas and are now among the select few that dwell in Georgia. According to PageSix, the buffaloes would now share the Promised Land estate with seven other creatures in a 235-acre region.

Rick Ross’ Atlanta estate, The Promised Land

Evander Holyfield, a former professional boxer, once owned the Georgia home. Ross later bought it for £4.7 million (almost $7.8 million) in 2014. According to numerous sources, the property includes a 109-room home. Meanwhile, the property’s real-estate ownership totals 235 acres, making it Georgia’s biggest single-family held estate.

Rick Ross

At the time Holyfield purchased the home, the property’s upkeep cost the former boxer almost $1 million per year. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail stated that the estate spent around £13,600 per month on power. The Promised Land is said to include 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, and a home theater. Furthermore, according to recent rumors, Rick Ross is planning to introduce a giraffe to the 35,000-square-foot property. According to the Sun, the home boasts three pools, a bowling rink, and a seven-stall barn that will most likely be expanded or has already undergone improvements to allow more animals in the future, such as a possible giraffe.

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