Rhianne Barreto, Star Of ‘The Outlaws,’ Discussed The Importance Of Her Meaningful Role

On the surface, Rhianne Barreto plays a stereotyped character in The Outlaws: “the Asian nice girl.” She herself confessed it. She was reared by her protective Asian parents as a studious and intelligent Oxbridge candidate. However, there is a loose thread beneath it all, one that the program has been tugging on from the first episode.

The Asian decent girl turns out to be a kleptomaniac, and her thieving habits get her into a pickle in the story.

On ‘The Outlaws,’ Rhianne Barreto

Rhianne Barreto
Rhianne Barreto

The Outlaws follows Barreto as he meets a colorful group of other criminals, each with their own past, who is played by an ensemble cast that includes Christopher Walken, Eleanor Tomlinson from Poldark, and Stephen Merchant.

The criminals have all been sentenced to 100 hours of community service, which they will complete by restoring an old community center in Bristol.

“We’re archetypes in order to undo archetypes… We’re partnered as offenders with individuals who would jar us in everyday life, people we wouldn’t interact with, but who truly complete us “Evening Standard talked with Barreto about The Outlaws.

She elaborated on her character’s coping techniques, stating that she found various coping mechanisms fascinating.

“What individuals do to cope is pretty intriguing,” Barreto told the publication. “I think if you’re isolated with incredibly severe parents, you find a way to rebel.”

The Efforts of Rhianne Barreto Towards Representation

Despite the fact that her character in The Outlaws appears to be basic from the start, she has layers, layers that the program was ready to explore. Among other performers and aspiring souls, Barreto has received a lot of respect for her position and reputation.

“I’ve never seen somebody like you in your work, at your level,” a number of young brown girls had told her.

These statements, on the other hand, were depressing for her. It’s truly unfortunate that they don’t have that representation since I’m uncommon and like a blazing beacon for them.

Barreto made it great in the entertainment sector because of her supportive parents. Yes, her family had no connections, but she did have one advantage over most other kids her age: supportive parents.

Rhianne Barreto’s Parents Have Approved Her Acting Career

“I know a lot of folks who wanted to act but were persuaded by their parents to go to university and study something conventional first,” she told the publication.

As a result, it was critical to her that she serves as a role model for many others.

“I’ve begged not to do any more best friend parts,” she said.

Not to minimize the importance of supportive roles but to advocate for her people.

“I believe it’s incredibly crucial that brown or non-white people aren’t simply playing the supporting lead unless it’s a [expletive] terrific part,” she asserted, “so that large productions don’t get bashed for not being diverse.”

Barreto, on the other hand, was pondering branching out into other art genres, including directing. She aspired to be a theatrical or film director. Her goal was to make something unique from her point of view.

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