Rhea Seehorn Stated That She Will Work Again With Famed AMC Series Creator Vince Gilligan

Rhea Seehorn is slated to return with famed AMC series creator Vince Gilligan for a new drama for Apple TV+, according to Deadline. The series, which is yet nameless, has already been ordered for two seasons. Having said that, keep reading to find out what Vince Gilligan has to say about his new project with Seehorn, who portrayed Kim Wexler on Better Call Saul.

Rhea Seehorn will appear in Vince Gilligan’s next Apple TV+ series.

According to Deadline, Seehorn will star in the upcoming Apple TV+ series, which is touted as “a mixed, realistic genre drama.” Sony Pictures Television is said to be funding the production. Giligan’s High Bridge Productions will executive produce the project, and he will also act as a showrunner. Jeff Frost and Diane Mercer are also executive producers. Jenn Carroll is the show’s producer.

Rhea Seehorn

Vince Giligan said (via Deadline) regarding the project’s concept and casting Rhea Seehorn:

“After 15 years of creating antiheroes, I decided it was time to take a vacation… And who could be more heroic than Rhea Seehorn? It’s long past time she has her own show, and I’m honored to be working on it alongside her.”

He continued:

“And what symmetry it is to be reunited with Zack Van Amburg, Jamie Erlicht, and Chris Parnell!” All those years ago, Jamie and Zack were the first two individuals to say yes to Breaking Bad. Apple has assembled a fantastic team, and my amazing, long-term collaborators at Sony Pictures Television and I are thrilled to be working with them.”

Little is known about the series or Rhea Seehorn’s involvement, although it is expected to be different from Vince’s past efforts, which focused on crime and narcotics. It is said to have a tone akin to The Twilight Zone that bends reality with an emphasis on individuals. Viewers may anticipate a philosophically complex drama with a dash of traditional Gilligan comedy.

Rhea Seehorn has received several honors for her performance as Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul.

In Better Call Saul, Seehorn played Saul’s wife, Kim Wexler, who was memorable. She gained considerable critical praise for her performance, and her character acquired a sizable fan base among program watchers. Kim is now universally acknowledged as one of television’s finest characters among reviewers. Seehorn earned many prizes for her role in the series, including two Satellite Awards.

Rhea Seehorn

In addition to Better Call Saul, Rhea Seehorn has been in Franklin & Bash, Veep, and Whitney, to mention a few. Vince Gilligan was also the creator of AMC’s popular crime thriller Breaking Bad. Following its popularity, the spinoff Better Call Saul debuted to significant critical acclaim in 2015. After six seasons, the show, which featured Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn, came to an end last month. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are largely recognized as two of the best television programs of the twenty-first century.

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