“Renovation Impossible” Season 1 Is Set To Be Released On HGTV Soon

Remodeling Impossible, HGTV’s upcoming home renovation program, will launch on September 8, 2022, at 9.00 p.m. ET/PT. The program, hosted by Dallas-based contractor Russell J. Holmes, will cover the total repair of stalled properties that were experiencing troubles owing to their owners’ unrealistic expectations.

In the next season, host Russell will mend these residences that are not being renovated owing to a lack of cash. So he would enter these cases and find secondhand stuff to finish the remodeling of these residences. He will be given a limited budget to work with and will be expected to complete the impossible refurbishment within that time frame.

Renovation Impossible’s official summary is as follows:

Russell J. Holmes, a Dallas-based contractor, will help customers with limited cash expedite their delayed house repairs. Russell, well known for his work on Discovery’s Garage Rehab and Fast N’ Loud, will salvage projects throughout the season that have been beset by homeowners’ overblown expectations and different design tastes.

What can we anticipate from the first episode of Renovation Impossible?

In the inaugural episode, viewers will meet Jessica and Joseph, a family of four who lives in a jumbled-up mid-century home that requires a substantial overhaul to make it liveable for the whole family. They have been unclear on how to proceed with the remodeling of their home and have been hampered by competing design ideas much of the time. As a result, they have decided to enlist Russell and his crew to take over their seemingly impossible remodeling project.

Renovation Impossible

Furthermore, after listening to the couple’s restoration vision and determining which design components are vital to each individual, Russell and his team will provide a renovation plan that will elegantly mix all of the criteria while remaining within budget. Furthermore, the couple had saved money for the makeover, which would undoubtedly allow Russell to construct a contemporary kitchen, and a new family room, and make other changes. In addition, the couple wanted to maintain many original and untouched characteristics of their home.

Furthermore, the Renovation Impossible star said in a press release that he works on a limited budget and gives customers what they desire. He stated:

With tight budgets and clientele who don’t always agree on remodeling selections, it’s not always simple. “This is where I come in.”

He went on to say:

I utilize harsh love, inventive ideas, and a lot of elbow grease to help customers transform their property into a home they will enjoy for years.”

He also detailed his efforts in the house renovation:

It’s a great feeling to provide somebody with the house they’ve always desired.

Russell has mentioned restoring a property on a tight budget:

We show them what they can truly accomplish with their money. They may now go on and create new memories with their family.”

Russell is also well-known for Discovery’s Garage Rehab and Fast N’ Loud. Homeowners’ high expectations and contradictory architectural concepts have impeded his skill in salvage projects.

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